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  1. ColdSteel260

    Scope choice 50 BMG

    Ran one of those for a long time. I run the ole NF F1 on it now. For what they are, SWFA are tough.. They're not "good" glass.
  2. ColdSteel260

    MOA vs Mil

    Sounds like some of the shooters here must like the sound of "re-engage", or "shooter, no call".
  3. ColdSteel260

    Muzzlebrake Effect on Recoil,Velocity,Accuracy

    No, yes, and yes. There is a reason most competitors run one. Check out some of the devices from Area 419. They're slick. Yes, you need a threaded barrel.
  4. ColdSteel260

    Do I need a 20 MOA mount?

    Use a scope with plenty of elevation. The Bushnell DMR2 has enough to put me on steel at 1740...
  5. ColdSteel260

    Sonic Cleaner or Tumbler

    Crushed walnut. Before and after sizing.
  6. ColdSteel260

    Bushnell Elite Tactical G2DMR FFP or something else?

    DMR2 PRO. Unless you want to run a Tangent Theta..
  7. ColdSteel260

    The Mandalorian

    Actually not bad. I enjoyed it
  8. ColdSteel260

    Why Even Reload?

    Y'all need to go to a Mary Kay party and just fight it out.
  9. ColdSteel260

    6GT Project/Range Report

    34 of Varget to start. My bbl is still wearing in and getting excellent results with this.
  10. ColdSteel260

    Why Even Reload?

    I'd imagine adding powder or keeping the tip from being damaged during this operation is tough.
  11. ColdSteel260

    Why Even Reload?

    Yes. You mean you don't?
  12. ColdSteel260

    Need a good chronograph

    Prefer Labradar to Magnetospeed
  13. ColdSteel260

    Calculating mph rifle

    You just need good binos like Swarovski. There are "good enough" glass, like a Vortex Razor 5k. You can see your impacts and usually where on the plate. Then there are binos that will let you see all the little details like Mirage.. And lizards under the target.
  14. ColdSteel260

    Pulling Bullets

    Anyone pull bullets from lots of ammo you cooked up and didn't like? How do you do it? I've found that using a 5C collet and holder in place of a die in the press seems to allow me to salvage powder and the projectile.
  15. ColdSteel260

    Hearing protection with bluetooth

    How many who use electronics double up?
  16. ColdSteel260

    Hornady brass explosion

    Good shooting! Now go win a match!
  17. ColdSteel260

    Hearing protection with bluetooth

    Champion Vanquish. I use them and find them to be fantastic. I have two pairs of Bluetooth headphones though. One made for shooting that amplifies conversation and ambient environment. (Champion) One made for music and noise-canceling that does not amplify conversation. Great for putting...