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    Liberty Goliath?

    Anybody have any experience with Liberty's Goliath? Searched the threads here and hadn't seen any mention. I have their .22 Regulator and have been impressed and satisfied with it.
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    Range bags?

    Anyone ever come across any range bags that have suppressor sleeves built in? Any to recommend? Most of the stuff I see in local stores is crap, or just way too big with tons of random pockets. Looked online but was amazed at how many sites don't even really show pics of the interior pockets...
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    iOS 12 updates?

    So has anyone installed the new iOS 12 update and had it break any existing ballistic software yet?
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    Cleaning suppressors?

    Didn't see much out here in previous posts. Just got a new sonic cleaner today and was wondering if there were any recommendations for cleaner solutions? At this point in time I wouldn't really be using the cleaner to do spent brass or anything as I don't reload. Would just be looking to use...
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    New Hornady App

    Maybe this is old news but I didn't see it on the board, there is a new Hornady app out. First time I've browsed the app stores in a few months and they finally got their new app out that has the 4DOF engine and bullet library. Anyone try it out yet? Ought to make things easier in the field...
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    Forums here on the 'Hide?

    Fairly new to shooting and the forums here. Wast just curious, maybe I'm over looking it, but is there a sub forum here dedicated to listing ranges themselves? It would be extremely helpful information. It is amazing how bad these places/businesses are at advertising their features. Thanks.
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    Anyone had training at The Range Complex with Norm Crawford?

    I saw where there is an upcoming 2 day wind reading class in NC and liked the sound of the material to be covered. Was wondering if anyone had any experience with either the instructor or facility? Some of the intermediate type classes I've come across seem to be more bent towards PRS style...
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    iOS 11 update and impact on ballistic apps?

    I saw where the new iOS 11 came out in the last couple of days. Has anyone tried installing it yet on their iPhone and know the impact if any to the installed apps? Until getting this iPhone a few months ago I've always had android so am not too familiar with how much the upgrades break the...
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    Anyone had training with Aztec and Daryl Holland?

    Was wondering if anyone had taken a class with and had any opinions/experience on the training from Daryl Holland and Aztec? They have some two day rifle classes coming up. Thanks.
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    Anybody have an app (Android or iOS) that they would recommend that would record your dope and act as a data book? Haven't come across one for Android. Have a new iPhone coming next week so not familiar with what all is on there. I have a small pocket data book from Storm Tactical but would be...