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    Complete lower

    I am selling a complete AR 15 lower. Had this for almost 2 years. Nothing fancy on it, the lower serialized part however is a PWS action. The entire complete lower is in excellent shape. Will ship only to your ffl unless we meet in person, then I'll meet at the one of your choosing. Asking...
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    NYPD saves the day

    If you need something to brighten up your day, well then here you go. Just be sure to read the comments.
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    FS: Charging handle and BCG. SOLD

    For sale a vltor BCM gunfighter charging handle. It is used but in great shape. $35 New never used Radian enhanced BCG for AR15. $100 The BCG will come in its factory box.
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    Dear Hong Kong

    To the people of Hong Kong this is not what most of the US believes. However at least do us a solid and feel "free" to use her as a human shield for your own "safety". Honestly this makes me sick and angry at the same time.
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    FS: HK p30/vp9 mags

    I have for sale 7 15rd HK P30/vp9 magazines. All are in excellent to perfect shape. I'd like to sell all at once but will separate if more than 1 buyer wants to split them. I also have the loader that works with the mags. Asking $40 each or $270 total shipped.
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    FS HK VP9 tactical

    I have for sale a used (500 rd count) vp9 tactical in excellent condition. It will come in its original box, containing all the side and back straps, plastic red chamber check, and the 3 15 rd magazines and owners manual. Since I purchased it I have added the solid black slide back plate and...
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    Tomorrow marks the 100th anniversary to the end of WWI. I haven't heard anything about it at all with the exception of a few people into history I know posting about it on FB. I came across this on youtube, its haunting the sounds o the war ending and nature going on as if nothing had happened...
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    colt77845 is GTG

    Just made a trade with colt77845 and great guy to work with. Very good with communication and honest.
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    Detroit trying to go full retrard

    This city is no stranger to abject stupidity and now we want to rinse lather repeat. So since we have multiple shootings on a weekly basis, I see them in the OR all the time, lets just make it harder to purchase bullets...
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    Hogg making his way up the lib ranks

    Not sure what else to say except that he still looks like the next one that's going to pop.
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    Thats some good shooting bro

    When you have 250 rds but the odds aren't in your favor. Check out the comments for a good laugh.
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    Yo David Hogg, where you at?

    Skip to the 4:28 mark. I posted a link in the other thread about him. Kind of interesting he wasn't at school the day of the shooting nor really knew the victims at all or very well...
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    Itsadryheat is GTG

    Great buyer, deal with confidence. Very easy to contact and stay in contact the entire time. Would do business with again.
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    PWS owners Mod 1 or Mod 2?

    I'm in the market to purchase my first AR and have narrowed it down to the PWS rifles. A buddy of mine recently bought the Mk 116 mod 2 and I'm very impressed with it. However looking at the prices (both are in budget) the thought occurred to me, is the mod 2 worth the extra $400 give or take...
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    RCBS chargemaster or Redding Match Grade 3BR?

    I want to get everyone's opinion and or experiences using both the redding powder throw and the chargemaster. Once both are set they are a pretty quick set up to get a lot of rounds loaded, the chargemaster probably a little faster loading round after round. However when it comes to accuracy of...
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    SA XDM or M&P 2.0 owner advice. Add the VP9

    I'm in the market to pick up another pistol and this time around in 9mm. I already have a .45 with my 1911 so I'm just going to something to go along with it. I am only looking specifically at the SA XDM full 4.5in model and the SW M&P 2.0 full 4.25in model with the apex trigger. I kind of want...
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    Minox ZP Tac: any news?

    Anyone have or heard any new news about these new offerings from Minox? MINOX - Visible Innovation: Overview I really like the reticle and the scope design but haven't heard a thing since the spring when they were first mentioned. All I've heard was some vague information about maybe being...
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    Purchased AAC 300TM, did I make the right decision?

    I finally decided on what can I would buy and not quite sure if I made the right decision. I was going back and forth over many models, my list evolved numerous times but finally after much reading had it down to either the 30P-1, Arbiter and the 300TM. I decided to go with the AAC can since...
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    SAS Arbiter owners

    So I've been starting quite a few threads regarding suppressors and am thankful for the help and advice so far. I'm at the point where I am getting close to making a decision and so far the thunderbeast 30P-1 is in the lead but before I do I want to make one last attempt at silencing that...
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    AAC Cyclone vs Thunderbeast 30P-1

    So I've recently added the 30P-1 to the list that I'm looking at but I'm trying to get a feel for the difference in cost/performance between these 2 cans. Both are identical in physical dimensions and the thunderbeast is about 5oz lighter but costs an additional $350. The biggest plus towards...