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    In the market for a new can...

    Do you work for tion?
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    First can order need advice

    Checkout the Liberty Regulator for a .22 can. It is real nice. Also bought a Q El Camino but just got the stamp back on that and haven't even taken it out yet. If I get another it would be the Dead Air Mask.
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    CANCELLED Dark Angel Medical, Lincoln NE. 3/2020

    Have one here in Jacksonville.
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    2020 SHOT Show: Day 4 (Friday, Jan 24, 2020)

    Thanks for the great reviews of Shot.
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    Suppressor for AXMC 338 Lapua

    Doesn't look like they announced anything at Shot either.
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    VA Governor Reaffirms Silencer Ban

    Was curious about the VA Beach shootings with the suppressor, was there ever any more specific details ever released about it? How and when purchased and what was used? The news cycle down here in FL covered it for like a half a day and maybe I missed the follow up. Mainly asking because this...
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    Colorado Precision Rifle Class Schedule - 2020

    No Level 1 or 2 between April and October?
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    Carbon or Baffle Strike?

    I never would have thought those things were that cheap. Which model did you get? Thanks.
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    North Florida shooter's

    Unfortunately I don't think you can just go check Ascot out. You'd have to arrange access with the owner/manager. There is contact on their site. For that amount they should be willing to meet you up for a tour. Clays are nice at Bradford but I haven't been in about a 1.5 years now. Amazing...
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    North Florida shooter's

    Ascott is down by Palatka, before you cross over the bridge on the east side of the river. "The cost is 500$ for an individual, 650$ for a family and each would have to have 100$ initiation fee. We have a 25 yard pistol range, a 100 yd rifle, and a 1000 yd rifle...
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    North Florida shooter's

    I'd join, but realistically I wouldn't get there more than once a month, and that's being generous.
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    North Florida shooter's

    Real quickly. Better off going to Ascot and paying the flat $500.
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    North Florida shooter's

    Yeah but at Volusia you can only use the long distance that is on the adjacent property like twice a month and when it isn't being used for hunting, etc. There was another post on here awhile back that said the property recently changed owners and they bought land adjacent on the east with...
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    North Florida shooter's

    Which gives you all of a $10 discount per day on the daily rate to use the 850 at Bradford. They need to change their prices a bit.
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    North Florida shooter's

    the 300 access is packaged with the pistol range. Website says current price at $20 day. They have on there for the 850 currently "$40/Day on 850 Yard Range. ". You might be right, at one point I wonder if that was for four hours. Their prices could use some work anyways. I wish that...
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    North Florida shooter's

    Bradford charges by the day not the hour.
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    Rifles only - Anyone looking to attend Precision Rifle 1&2?

    So you are repeating PR1?
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    Suppressor for AXMC 338 Lapua

    Do you have any info on the Dead Air can?
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    Suppressor for AXMC 338 Lapua

    So when are those shipping out?
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    Form 4 wait time

    Got the call from my dealer today. Form 4 Trust with 1 person on it. 2-26-19 check cashed. 12-17-19 - Dealer called with stamp