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  1. Yoteski

    6 Dasher starter kit

    Good starter set for anyone getting into a dasher. Would like to sell all together. Forester full length size and seater Redding full length bushing die with 265 bushing Whidden case gauge Little Crow trimmer $275 shipped.
  2. Yoteski

    Burris XTR3!!!

    Cripes dude, just stop already. Burris is obviously targeting a different market/price point with the XTRIII. You realize you're arguing with people who stare through different optics of different price points everyday. Your responses are becoming cringeworthy and you're crapping in a thread...
  3. Yoteski

    Glass for a PRS gun?

    There's been some Bushnell DMRII's posted in the PX lately for great prices. It would be hard to go wrong with one of those
  4. Yoteski


    Chassis is sold to AudieHerpel!
  5. Yoteski

    WTB: MDT Weights

    Looking for weights snd bag rider for my MDT ACC. Thank you
  6. Yoteski


    $750 shipped
  7. Yoteski

    WTB: KRG Barricade stop

    Looking for a KRG barricade stop for my Xray. Thank you
  8. Yoteski


  9. Yoteski

    Anyone having any luck with the Bear Creek arsenal 223 wylde barrels ? If so, please share load data..

    Had a buddy ask me to look over and test fire his BCA build because he said it wouldn't group. After inspecting it, I was able to fire several very nice 6-8" groups with it with several different kinds of ammo. I'd highly recommend one! And then toss it in the garbage
  10. Yoteski

    Ballistic Advantage barrels?

    Messed around with an Aero complete upper with a 308 SS BA barrel on it. First one was a complete dud. Sent it back to Aero and they replaced it without question. Second barrel with 168 FGMM......
  11. Yoteski


    Have a MPA comp chassis with spigot in gunmetal for sale. Chassis is in excellent condition with signs of light use. Looking for $800 shipped. Thanks for looking.
  12. Yoteski

    MDT ACC Chassis Weights - A DIY Solution

    Yes!!!! Internal please!
  13. Yoteski

    The Marine Corps wants yet another new sniper rifle

    I didn't, I'm painting with a broad brush. Again, anyone who serves in our armed forces deserves the best we can offer them. I'd much rather see my tax dollars go to projects like this, rather than the millions of other bullshit programs that pad politicians pockets.
  14. Yoteski

    Help with rifle build for CD style matches

    I have no doubt about your logic. I'm looking at doing the Burris Team challenge and Vortex extreme also. I feel that any way I can optimize weight to offset my fatass has potential benefit for these matches. My dasher with an MTU barrel at 20+ lbs. doesn't sound like a fun day. Unfortunately...
  15. Yoteski

    The Marine Corps wants yet another new sniper rifle

    Honestly, it's such a drop in the bucket of the defense fund, if that's what the Marine Corps want, then they should get it. Any soldier should not "want" for anything if it keeps them safe and helps them accomplish their mission.
  16. Yoteski

    Help with rifle build for CD style matches

    I have a Kahles 6-24 I'll be running on it, but I'm ordering an XTRIII very soon for another rifle. Have a set or Sig BDX 3000 bins to run, which should work pretty well for the task I hope.
  17. Yoteski

    Help with rifle build for CD style matches

    I ended up ordering a proof CF barrel to have chambered in 6 gt. I'm planning on running it in an MDT ACC so I figure I can adjust the weight to suit the match format. Just going to run it all year for all matches. I don't get to shoot as much as I used to anyhow with my new job requiring me to...
  18. Yoteski

    Remington 700 VTR

    If you're really wanting to get a rig you're going to like for the long range game, I would buy one of those new Mack Bros actions for $500 and change and build from there.
  19. Yoteski

    Remington 700 VTR

    I've had two VTRs. One, in 308, was no shit one of the most accurate factory guns I've ever owned, but I sold it because the integral brake does absolutely nothing besides make it loud; literally the worst brake design ever. Had another in 260 that was one of the most inaccurate guns I've ever...
  20. Yoteski

    New Match planned for 2021, Need Feedback