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    Keepers concealment & JM Custom Kydex for Glock/M&P

    Glock 43 - JM Custom Kydex the “George” and AIWB Mag holster with 1.5” clips. Used just a couple of times. $60 for both shipped CONUS For Glock 17 - JM Custom Kydex original AIWB holster with 1.5” loop, and also with the built-in wedge upgrade to drive the gun inboard for a better...
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    MRAD EBR-2C Vortex Gen2 Razors 4.5-27x56 and 3-18x50

    Some home projects mean that I won’t be able to finish the rifle projects I was putting together over the winter, so I’ll offer these up , with regret if that makes it any better… Both of these are new in box, and both are still sealed. They both include Vortex scope caps, bubble levels, and...
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    Geisselle SD3G's, Magpul BAD levers, Larue FUG

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Geisselle SD3G with less than 200 rounds each on them. I dig these triggers, but didn't realize that they are not ideal for suppressed use. Since I shoot suppressed most of the time, these won't work for me. I really wish I could, because I don't think there's anything faster...
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    SOLD. Shield RMS(reflex mini sight) red dot sight -

    SPF I bought this earlier in the year, but never got the pistol I planned to put it on. It is brand new, it hasn't even had the battery installed. These are an awesome parallax free optic. It does not require you to put tall suppressor sights on to run the red dot. SPF Reduced to $250...
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    SOLD SOLD SOLD Badger Ordnance and Seekins 34 mm scope rings for sale SOLD SOLD SOLD

    Badger Ordnance high 34 mm scope rings that have only been mounted one time for testing, never shot. $SOLD shipped in the Continental United States Seekins 34mm low rings that are are Cerakoted coated FDE. Used on my old Premier Scope for a few hundred rounds of been in a drawer ever since...
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    i-touch case

    I'm planning on using my 32GB touch as my ballistic calc and I wondering what cases you're using. I've seen the Otterbox waterproof model and I think I'd like something like that...they are about $50 so they are a little spendy. Is there anyithing better or less expensive that's as good...
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    34mm LaRue LT 158

    Just an FYI... You guys probably already know but I didn't until calling LaRue the other day when I ordered this. The website doesn't spec it but the LT 154 has a 10 MOA cant so the Premier 5-25 fits just right and clears the Troy's perfectly too... -Tyler
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    looking for a thread

    Even though I've used the search, advanced search and the custom google search I have failed... I saw a thread that had a Tac Ops rifle come in with some huckin filarious bottom metal on it that was done as a joke by Mike R and the rifle owners friend. Anyone remember it? Thanks, Tyler