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  1. Wyzrd

    SOLD- JP FMOS BCG with JP Enhanced Bolt and JP SCS

    FS: Both in Excellent/Barely used condition -JP FMOS BCG (QPQ black finish) and JP Enhanced Bolt (AR15)= $275 shipped for both - JP Gen2 SCS (AR15 Standard)= $110 shipped Payment via PayPal F&F, or you cover their fee. If desired, Insurance is on the buyer. (All Sold)
  2. Wyzrd

    FOUND- Accurate or Alpha Mags (6.5PRC/300WSM)- 7rd Mags

    Looking for a 7 rd Alpha or Accurate Mag for the 300wsm/6.5prc cartridges. I’d trade a 10rd Alpha Mag (308/6.5/6) for a 7rd Alpha or Accurate Mag. Found- Please Delete PM
  3. Wyzrd

    WTT- 30mm ARC M10 Rings - Traded

    I have a set of 30mm ARC M10 rings in great condition (Med- 1.10” height). I’d trade mine for 30mm ARC M10 rings (Xtra High- 1.42” height) in similar condition.
  4. Wyzrd

    SOLD- LNIB Nordic Components NC15 223 Wylde AR15

    LNIB condition. Full factory build, not a home built AR! Has less than 50 rds through it. Fit and finish is top tier. -Nordic NC15 in 223 wylde -16” SS cryogenically treated black Teflon match brl -1-8” twist -Midlength gas system -1/2x28 tpi muzzle threads -9310 bolt headspaced to barrel (HP...
  5. Wyzrd

    WTB- CZ P10F- Optics Ready 9mm

    Like the title states, I’m looking for a new or LNIB/low rd count: CZ P10F- Optics Ready model pistol in 9mm with the 19 rd magazines. Bonus for extra mags, holster, aftermarket fiber optic sights/HBI trigger, etc... These can be found BNIB for around $500, so if it’s used don’t expect new...
  6. Wyzrd

    WTB- Christensen Arms MPR in 6.5 PRC (Maybe Others)

    Just like the title says, I’m looking for a new or LNIB/excellent condition/low rd count CA MPR in 6.5 PRC with the 24” carbon wrapped barrel. Must come with factory box, and everything else as new (muzzlebrake, 20moa Rail, TT trigger, Mag, etc) Will also consider other rifles in 6.5PRC...
  7. Wyzrd

    1st time stippling anything (My G19)

    So my edc is a Gen4 G19. I can’t stand the finger grooves and was just never happy with the way it felt in my hand, but it’s a Glock and all my Glocks have always been 100% reliable. Anyways, I finally grew the balls to do some work on it. I didn’t feel like paying $400-600 to have it...
  8. Wyzrd

    FS- Shadowtech Pig Saddle (OD Green)

    Barely used/not abused Shadowtech Pig Saddle. Will also come with a plate/adapter for a Manfrotto tripod, but will easily accept others too. I honestly don’t know what these go for used. New, they sell for about $135 + shipping. So, I’d like to get $100 shipped. Payment via PayPal F&F/Gift or...
  9. Wyzrd

    15x-18x Binos or Spotting Scope for Hunting/Glassing?

    Ok, so I thought I had my mind made up on getting another spotting scope for hunting/glassing for game, but through my research I came across postings of guys using 15x-18x binos that preferred using them over spotters... mostly for PRS matches, but some for hunting too. I currently use a 10x42...
  10. Wyzrd

    Newer VS Older Zeiss Diascope T* FL 65mm Spotters...?

    So I’m getting one of these spotting scopes because it fits my budget right now, has great FL glass, good FOV, and is relatively light weight for backpack hunts. I’m curious what the differences are between the older models with the OD green scope bodies, and the newer models that are all...
  11. Wyzrd

    SOLD- CZ Custom 75 Sp-01 Shadow 9mm

    Awesome pistol in excellent condition. Only getting rid of it because I have an S2 also, and I need some hunting gear. Bought from the CZ Custom Shop. Polished slide rails and feed ramp, super smooth slide action. Dawson Precision fiber optic front, black rear sight. Front/Rear cocking...
  12. Wyzrd

    SPF- Vortex G2 Razor HD 1-6 VMR-2 w/ Throw Lever & Mount

    Vortex Razor HD Gen2 1-6 with VMR-2 mil reticle/mil turrets. Excellent condition. Comes in original box with everything as if new, along with a Vortex 30mm cantilever mount, 2 batteries for illuminated reticle, and a Vortex SV-3 throw lever. SPF (Need funds for a Vet bill for one of my animals)...
  13. Wyzrd

    Need help with hunting backpack (Mystery Ranch vs Kuiu)

    Alright, so I’m looking to upgrade from my Eberlestock pack that I’ve used for the last 4 yrs. Yes, it worked but sucked for packing out game! So, I’m looking for any experience or pros/cons from people that may have one or the other. I’m currently looking at getting either the Mystery Ranch...
  14. Wyzrd

    redshagr is 100% GTG!

    Bought a Giessele SSP and it arrived fast and in perfect condition. Couldn’t have asked for a smoother transaction, and I wouldn’t hesitate to deal with him again. Thanks again bud!
  15. Wyzrd

    Trevor300wsm is GTG

    Had a smooth transaction for a RHT holster for a CZ Shadow 2. Holster arrived fast and in great condition. I wouldn’t hesitate to deal with him again... thanks again bud!
  16. Wyzrd

    Bergara B14 HMR 7mm Rem Mag...?

    I just saw that Bergara is offering their HMR in 7rem mag, and I’m curious if anybody has one and can share their thoughts on it...? I live and hunt (elk and mule deer) in Wyoming where longer shots aren’t uncommon at all (to date my furthest shot on a critter has been just under 600 yds)...
  17. Wyzrd

    AMP! is 100% GTG

    Had a good transaction with AMP! All items were in great condition and as described. Good communication and fast shipping. I wouldn’t hesitate to deal with him again!.... Thanks again bud!
  18. Wyzrd

    FS/FT- $ Drops- Misc AR Gear (11” Troy Alpha Rail, Etc)

    Cleaning out misc/spare items... -Troy Alpha Rail/Handguard for AR rifles. Black, 11” long, T-marked upper rail, comes with (3) pic rail sections and a full set of FDE squid grips (very grippy). Comes with mounting hardware, but no barrel nut as it uses standard barrel nuts.= $90 shipped -(3)...
  19. Wyzrd

    SOLD- Vortex Razor AMG UH1-Huey Red Dot

    FS- Vortex Razor AMG UH1-Huey Excellent condition/barely used holographic red dot sight. I’m not gonna list all the specs as those can be googled. I got rid of one of my Aimpoints to get this, but have to sell because I’m in need of some other goodies. Similar to Eotech but better IMHO...
  20. Wyzrd

    Please Help- My 1st AR15 Pistol

    So, I’m not new to gas guns by any means, but I am new to AR15 pistols. I just bought a 10.5” Upper and already have a spare lower at home for it. My lower currently has a 6 position mil spec buffer tube on it with a Magpul CTR stock, and a JP SCS inside the buffer tube. My questions are...