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  1. hookedonbrass

    Gun Bench Cleanout/Moving sale - berger/magpul/area 419

    Cleaning off my bench and shelves before the move. will probably be more to come.... all prices are shipped paypal F&F or venmo please 202 Berger 105 hybrids: $60 SOLD BNIB (box is a little beat up) Magpul Mlok Bipod: $85 SOLD BNIB Area 419 rail changer x plate w/arca clamp: $155 Vltor...
  2. hookedonbrass

    BRAND NEW Etymotic Gunsport Pro HD ear plugs **SOLD**

    I eagerly grabbed these off the prize table last weekend after wanting a pair forever. I immediately ordered the comply tips that everyone says to get. And tried them with those and one of the set of stock tips. Apparently my ear holes are way too short for these to work for me. So I have no use...
  3. hookedonbrass

    PSA “Virginia-15” stripped lowers - $10 donated to VCDL

    I can’t remember if this was posted already or not - I tried searching and didn’t see it. PSA has “Virginia-15” lowers and for every sale they’ll donate $10 to VCDL. I got mine on order. get one!
  4. hookedonbrass

    Anyone put a tracking device with their rifle/case?

    I'm signed up for my first match that I need to fly to. and it got me thinking - has anyone bought any kind of "tracking" chip/device that they leave in their rifle case or even on the gun itself somewhere that can be tracked via cell phone? does something affordable like this exist? not...
  5. hookedonbrass

    the most controversial thread on SH: standing vs. sitting

    which one are you? Go.
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    looking for a good deal on a FDE or Sako Green KRG Bravo preferably with an arca rail. lemme know what you got.
  7. hookedonbrass

    SOLD! Foundation Exodus w/butthook. Dark (no bottom metal/no arca) 11-11-19 PRICE DROP!

    I switched to an Impact action and a foundation to fit it. Foundation Exodus Dark Standard Fill inlet for an Origin action and Hawkins bottom metal. (This stock has been beautifully skim bedded by Swiftcreek Rifles, the action fits nice and snug). Bought new straight from Foundation back in...
  8. hookedonbrass

    SOLD: Sand Sock gear Multicam large pillow w/armageddon gear bungee

    same as the one in this link like new condition. rarely used. comes with armageddon gear bungee asking $65 shipped paypal F&F preferred.
  9. hookedonbrass

    SOLD! bix n Andy tac sport pro 2 stage RH $255

    Selling a tac sport pro. 1 month old. Used for 2 matches. (The pin that forces you to push the safety outward then forward was shaved off to remove that extra feature. I was unable to drive it out per the instructions but they also said it could be ground off) I know a lot of guys that need...
  10. hookedonbrass

    Co-Ax presses in stock

    looks like has co-ax in stock. catch 'em while ya can!
  11. hookedonbrass

    FOUND! impact -15 trigger hanger

    $40 shipped to get the hanger set from impact....oof. anyone have a -15 hanger they aren't using?
  12. hookedonbrass

    FOUND! Spuhr SR-4000 rings (two piece/low)

    Looking for a pair of Spuhr SR-4000 rings. lemme know what you got
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  14. hookedonbrass

    no Longer need

    i need a low sear for a tacsport pro BC has been out of stock for a while. anyone have one by chance?
  15. hookedonbrass

    SOLD: Triggertech Diamond curved

    selling a triggertech diamond curved. $220 shipped paypal FF preferred.
  16. hookedonbrass

    Magnetospeed Bayonet Bullet Strike - delayed problems - PSA

    I've been using a magnetospeed V3 for a little over a year. Shortly after getting it and using it on a wiser precision mount - I got a projectile strike on the bayonet. I got complacent and didn't double check the spacing. My fault entirely. Anyways - I've been using the unit almost weekly...
  17. hookedonbrass

    Who loves Gucci reloading stuff? Foundation loading blocks

    Got my 100ct loading block in from John-Kyle at Foundation. Looks like altus will be carrying them in a few weeks. Cost a pretty penny but damn do they make a great addition to the work bench.
  18. hookedonbrass

    SOLD Zero Compromise 5-27x56 MPCT1 w/spuhr SOLD

    Lightly used ZCO 5-27x56 MPCT1 Small scuff on objective bell Tiny Rash on underside and small rash above parallax knob. See pics below. In full disclosure this scope just came back from ZCO. They perfected the turrets (weren’t lining up 100% to my liking). Now they are perfect. Glass is...
  19. hookedonbrass

    SOLD Vortex Razor Gen 2 4.5-27x56 EBR-7C mil/mil w/accessories

    Selling a like new Razor gen 2 4.5-27x56 with the mil EBR-7c reticle. scope has been babied, no scratches or scuffs, glass is perfect. NOTE ** (Scope is on my rifle at Swift Creek Rifles at the moment - should have it back within a week). ** Also have: Switchview Throw lever vortex low pro...