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    Clinton’s at it again?? Dirt on the last admin....
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    How much $ down for custom/ bolt rifle?

    just as it says... my friend was thinking about going the custom route he asked how much do i have to put down...and i totally forget from the last time is there a industry percentage or industry dollar amount that is asked for? Ex: 20% or build or $500 etc i know it can change if the smith...
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    Ladies Beginner Pistol Classes East Coast

    My friends wife finally got on board and wants to shoot his pistols etc hed like her to go to a class, preferable ladies only lives in NY so closer to the NE the better not interested in a local guy at the range etc thanks brian
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    Combat footage from other countries/non USA

    Been watching black and white long enough that like most of us...there is nothing new For members that are over seas do your countries have a "military channel" from your point of view there has to be more footage of germans in russia or japanese in china etc its impossible that there has...
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    straight behind rifle

    there are 1000 threads and opinions about position behind rifle when prone. i dont want to debate that, but i was looking at the KO2M vids last night and i noticed that more than half prob close to 3/4 of the shooters are not straight behind the rifle. is there a particular reason etc. they are...
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    Protabkle Shooting Bench for kids

    morning guys, looking for a portable bench for kids never used one before but since the kids love shooting the Vudoo so much i should probably get one rather not build one looked a bunch of pics online and it looks like most shooting benches have a very short table top for the guys who use...
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    shooting platform dimensions

    Hi guys, looking into building a raised shooting platform. trying to get over some rocky ground etc 2-3' off the ground what size do you recommend for 2 shooters prone building material suggestions, figure its all going to be pressure treated dont plan on digging it in the ground any info...
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    AX chassis

    hi guys, trying to find the length of a AX short action Chassis (no action just chassis). looked all over, i must be missing it at work so i dont have access to my rig. thanks
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    Donations for Vets

    morning guys, hope you had a happy easter: going through the closet this weekend and have a good pile of clothes that i want to donate to vets. some shirts with tags, 2 suits, dress pants...there will be a few well dressed men walking around over the years my business has always donated to...
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    Glock 40mos reflex RMR vs DELTA

    First optic on a pistol. Not competition race gun Hunting/woods/ target What do you guys think Thanks Brian
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    Bag Riders for Chassis?

    with more than a few guys on this site using 3D printers; does anyone make a proper bag rider for a AX, or any chassis with a rail on the bottom of the butt i would think: wide and flat for f-class type shooting angled for elevation adjustment by sliding the stock or bag forward or backward...
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    SOLD NIB: 2 Box Copper Creek Lapua 260rem 130 Berger VLD Hunting (40 rds)

    just as it says: 2 20 round boxes (40 total) loaded with lapua brass (Brass unprimed is $1 eash $40 if bought new) From Copper Creek its $55 per box = $110 total $55 shipped CONUS brian finamore Pay pal is fine
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    Anyone use VFG Pellets for cleaning other than rimfire

    just as it says, they work well on the 22lr i have wondering if anyone tried out the larger cals. usually i dont just poke a patch through, ill wrap it around the jag. this seems to the same thing etc
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    What happened to American Precision Arms/Patriot Arms?

    because im a dumb ass i posted this on the firearms forum first... From just clicking and searching the interweb over the past few years, it seems that either they fell out of favor or something went wrong. I know Jared is still running it, and the last one i shot was as accurate as could be...
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    Benchrest reloading class

    Cousin out was texted me about reloading. He is thinking of trying out benchrest. Has very basic reloading knowledge so he asked about a full on multi day if needed school/class. I’m not sure if he would go for a basic class and expand on his own. Anything out there like that
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    just as it says thanks Brian
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    Best Cell Phone to Rifle Scope Adapter?

    seems to be three that are talked about the most from what i found. Side-shot vs phone skope vs eagle eye the eagle eye is alot more money and uses a go pro (which i have as well) but if the other 2 are junk it might be the smart move etc.. might go between 2 rifles, depending on how it...
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    what model # spuhr for 56 obj lens on AXMC

    hi guys just what it says: no cant (0 MIL/MOA) for scope with 56mm lens up front. thanks in advance
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    Schmidt Bender PM II High Power 5-45x56

    Been staring at this one for a while now. Does anyone have real world experience with it. i like the 45 power up top for 100 yard group stuff, but able to drop it down to a usable number to stretch its legs. thanks
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    How long between barrel cleaning (days/months) not round count

    Not the regular cleaning regiment or how to break in barrel. Someone asked me a question the other day... If the rifle doesn't get soaked or corrosive ammo is used how long can it sit there before the fouling chews into a stainless barrel. Fouling does hold (powder not jacket material)...