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  1. kingston

    PSA: New Recoil Activated Trigger For Labradar

    Don’t hold your breath.
  2. kingston

    Mack Brothers EVO Ti Action?

    Mack Brothers’ Evo is a great action. I ordered four after seeing them at SHOT. I’ve since ordered two more. They became a 6.5 CM, that I shot the hell out of in the MMPRL, a 6.5 PRC, three 6.5 GAP 4S’s (two in process) and the last is here waiting to become a 22 CM. They’re slick and cycle...
  3. kingston

    WTB: Redding 6.5 SAUM Dies

    WTB: Redding 6.5 SAUM Dies I figured I’d ask before ordering them. Please PM me if you have a set available. Also looking for a .2962 NK .120FB reamer.
  4. kingston

    Big 6.5's: Berger 156 EOL, 147 ELDM, 155 SMK

    In a 6.5 Gap 4S built on a SA using binder-less AICS mags, what would the ideal Free Bore be for the 156 EOL? I intend to use ADG brass, so neck would be .2962.
  5. kingston

    6.5 creedmoor +156 berger + rl26

    You want to pick the widest charge weight band that delivers a consistent POI. The same goes for seating depth. You won’t need 50 rounds to hunt with, but I’d want to prove my load at ranges approaching or beyond my max hunting range.
  6. kingston

    6.5 creedmoor +156 berger + rl26

    Pick your favorites and shoot 10 round groups at 400+yrds.
  7. kingston

    Tip/Trick for Calibrating Kestrel Compass

    This past Saturday morning, I’m at a match, it’s my first stage and the Kestrel will not correctly coordinate DOF and Wind Direction. DOF is entered and a right to left wind is inputted, the unit displays the wind speed but at 7:00. I try using the compass calibration function and it won’t...
  8. kingston

    Crime of the century at my kids school.....

    Letter to the Editor
  9. kingston

    Need advice with the Berger 156 EOL

    My 156 EOL load with RL26 in 6.5 CM Lapua brass runs 2780 out of a 22” tube.
  10. kingston

    Crime of the century at my kids school.....

    Faintly written in pencil...
  11. kingston

    ATACR 4-16 / Sold

    Nice snag! Sorry I missed this!
  12. kingston

    Lightweight PRS Scope Options

    What do you want the rifle to weigh all up (rifle, optic, mounts, etc.), and what chambering?
  13. kingston

    SOLD——NIghtforce ATACR 4-16x42, Mil-C

    Would you write down your username and today’s date and post a picture of it with the scope.
  14. kingston

    New High End Tactical article

    ILya, there were lots of interesting optics announced this year and it looks like many of them made their way to you! When can we expect a to read the results?
  15. kingston

    Shooting benches

    Those aren't going anywhere!!! I love your backyard!
  16. kingston

    WTB Original style Surgeon Bottom metal

    Just FYI KMW will fit a Surgeon DBM inlet. OTM had these in stock.