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    Home on leave, looking at IOR scope

    I'm looking at the IOR 3-18X50 FFP...are any of you currently using it? I really like the range, it's features and the illuminated modified MP-8. Like to hear some comments from those of you who have one.
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    Duracoat Shake 'N Spray

    While home for Christmas I'm thinking of using a Duracoat Shake 'N Spray kit to put one color on a synthetic stock. Those who have used them...what do you think, were you pleased or disappointed?
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    If you wear or wore the RANGER tab...

    Step up; Still time to get one to wear on St. Pat day! "Email to get a shirt that will stand out at your local pub crawl!"
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    The XM2010

    I was given a little time with the new XM2010 this past week and believe it will be well received by it's operators. My first thoughts on the look was that it's very similar to the Savage 110BA. Fired very easily and the new Leupold on top was very nice.
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    New for Savage shooters

    This info might be elsewhere on the forum but I haven't spotted it. Fred Moreo (Sharp Shooters Supply) has developed a new bottom metal/magazine for Savage rifles that will work even on the newer trigger guard bolt release models. Looks very promising...
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    In the past several days viewing SH has become so slow it's crazy. I noticed that on my bottom bar it's "connecting through" has this been going on for a while or has it just started? Looking up psclicks it seems to be a server company that permits "gun" ads. Is any one else...
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    Middle Tennessee & Chattanooga

    Any one looking to share a ride to the monthly matches at SCSSA or the upcoming Taylorsville GA match (and /or others)...lets get in touch. I live south of Nashville.
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    10 FLCP-K closeups

    gunman_7 hope these will help for decision.
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    Savage 10 FLCP-K

    First Savage I've owned, given to me by my former unit and Savage Arms.
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    Torque the AccuStock

    I thought I'd pass along this info; The other day I had a informative conversation with Mr. Chris Bezzina (main engineer at Savage Arms) who played a key part in the development of the AccuStock. I wanted to get detailed information on torque specs for the 10 LE weapons series. There is a...
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    M.A.H. Supplies

    Who has ordered ammo from M.A.H. Supplies? Good experience?
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    prone pad, rifle wrap?

    Help! I've searched and searched, there is a member that is making a shooting mat that has a "pocket" for rifle butt and barrel cap and offered with or without pockets for accessories. Someone point me to the thread.
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    How fights start (for the married guys)

    With my pending retirement my sister sent me these since I'll now be at home with my wife so much more! How Fights Start... My wife and I were watching "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" while we were in bed. I turned to her and said, "Do you want to have sex?" "No," she answered. I then...
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    LaserKaddy Rangefinder 10X

    This company is listed here, I assume as a paid supplier. Has anyone used this brand and/or currently have one? The price seem to good to actually be any good.
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    Savage bolt handle removal

    Would someone please state the procedural steps to removing (and re-installing if different) the bolt handle on the newer Savage bolts that do not have the hex on the end, the one with the cocking indicator.
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    Stock refinishers

    After a search with not much coming up I thought I post this question. After years of "spraying" weapons to fit the environment I now a a new rifle that I would like to have the stock finished probably in standard GAP pattern with my choice of coloring by a "pro" finishing outfit. Has anyone...
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    New center feed box magazine question

    Having received a new 10FLCP-K and not having a great background with Savage Arms, what is the proper way to disassemble these detachable box magazines? I do not see a release pin or tab like on other manufactures.
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    Sentry Solutions ?

    I like to hear some opinions from anyone who has used Sentry Solutions Smooth Kote Dry gun lubricant & Bore treatments AND has experience in comparing their product to other known standard methods.
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    Do you bed your rail?

    Thought I'd ask this because yesterday I began setting up a rifle for a client and he didn't understand why I was "bedding" the picatinny rail. So..a show of hands how many of you do.