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    New Berger 6.5mm 144gr LRHT

    This looks interesting!
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    450 Bushmaster bolt action rifle

    Have a good friend who lives in Michigan, and is limited to hunting with straightwalled rifle calibers. He is looking for a 450 Bushmaster bolt action rifle. He'd like something a little higher quality than a production rifle. Lighter weight for hiking around with. Budget is about $2k. Bergara...
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    How to remove Accurate Mag Floorplate

    Well, my google fu must be sorely lacking today. I searched every way I could think to try and find a video or instructions on "how to remove an Accurate Mag floorplate?" Anyone have any recommendations? I made a small effort to try and pry the floorplate loose with a flat bladed screwdriver...
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    Semi-Custom build advice

    Afternoon all, I have been reading the boards here off and on over the years, but have never contributed. I've been researching doing a full custom build, or possibly doing a semi-custom build. But with my current budget I think I am leaning towards a semi-custom build. My budget is about $3000...