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    Wtb amp pilot 6BR 223 rem and 308 win

    I'm title. Would be awesome if someone had all three to sell together.... Not likely :)
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    Wts 270 win giraud case holder 28$ shipped

    $30 shipped. For auto trimmer.
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    Wts NF atacr F1 h59 4-16x42 illuminated SOLD

    $2275 shipped. If it doesn't go I'll price drop one time then keep it. Great condition, no damage. One of the tubes that still says MADE IN THE USA that you can't buy anymore. No mount with it. Only trade...
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    In title. I got cash
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    WTB: Die holder rack (any type) and a mighty armory decapping die

    Prefer the magnum body for the decapper, I can use whichever though. if someone has a cheap die rack, or fancy (like area 419) to hang my dies on the wall or something, I would like one.
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    Wtb spuhr 30mm rings or hunting mount line

    Need a spuhr 30mm mount. Separate rings great but the one piece hunting mount will work as well. A normal sp 3001 would work too Just pm me. Thanks
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    Trade atacr h59/t3 for mil XT

    Does anyone have interest in trading their 4-16x42 Atacr F1 mil XT for my exact same scope in h59 illuminated? I also have a t3 7-35 that I would consider a similar deal for the identical scope in mil XT. Can also trade my h59 towards a mil XT 7-35 not looking to sell.
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    WTT: Vortex pst gen 1 6-24 ffp MRAD ebr1 for EBR2c

    looking to trade a brand new vortex as mentioned in title for same scope in EBR2c. Mine is in the box with plastic so I would hope for the same but will consider used scopes... we can figure it out let me know
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    Thinking about selling this brake, WITHOUT the hellfire adapter. its a 2 port 30 cal hellfire. been used for 100 rds, no issue whatsoever. $104 shipped if someone would want it.
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    WTB: large lot of 556 plinking ammo for more trigger time

    would prefer lake city 62s but I'll take what I can get. 55 grainers will work too. let me know what you got.
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    Wts area 419 hellfire brake WITHOUT adapter

    I've got an extra hellfire brake I haven't ever used yet. 6mm black nitride. New in box. However it doesn't come with adapter. So you would need those. $109 shipped
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    Wts 450 plus pieces of same lot 6BR brass- dropping price. sold

    I've got more than 450 pieces of BR brass lightly loaded and shot in my bartlein. 2840fps with a 105 hybrids. Mostly 2x fired but a handful are 3x fired. All deprimed and tumbled ready to go. $300 shipped.
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    WTS: 270 WSM giraud holder $25

    case holder, used not abused. I just don't shoot that caliber. price is shipped
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    WTT / WTS: 6.5mm 150 smk bullets, 167 count, some coated with np3 SOLD

    75 are just bare 92 are coated with np3. slick as soap. trade for berger 156s, 140 eldm sell for $55 shipped.
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    Wts Lapua 223 ammo. Price dropping. sold

    276 loaded rounds, 24 fired, so 300 in total. 55 grain fmj $175 shipped Will split up but at an additional cost.
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    PRICE DROP. Lapua 6 BR brass ( ~460 pieces, 1x, 2x and a few 3x fired)

    shot in my bartlein BR barrel. Brass is all cleaned and deprimed. let me know, thanks
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    Wts: desert tech A2 bolts, all gone pending final payment

    $325 shipped unless you buy more than one. 3x 2x 1x short action (308) 1x magnum (300 win mag) All brand new. This is the fluted style for the A2. They're very nice. All RH
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    WTT 6.5 150 smk and lapua .223 anmo

    alright, I have some bullets for sale or trade 1 new box of 150 smk also .224 1 box nosler 40 grain varmint 300 rounds of Lapua ammo 55 grain (this stuff is Lapua brass....24 fired... But I have the brass. 276 still loaded. trade for 6.5mm 140 eldm, or berger 156s trade for .224 75-80...
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    Wts Lapua Palma 308 brass

    429 pieces. Annealed and ready to go. PM me for all details on brass and the loaded rds. Yes this is the small primer stuff. $325 shipped.
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    Wtb. MPA picatinny, giraud 6.5 GAP holder

    Anyone have the Mpa spigot mount piece of picatinny they want to sell cheap? Same with the giraud 6.5 saum case holder. Also need giraud cutter heads if someone has one or two to sell.