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  1. mark5pt56

    Colt 1911 "Match" slide with Bomar rear

    This Colt slide is set for a match build. Now, I don't know what makes a "match" slide, this is not marked as such, just set up to be one. Slightly used, unk round count, I can take measurements the best I can with standard calipers within reason. The rear opening and along the slide length is...
  2. mark5pt56

    Ruger American Hunter, Magpul Looking at a basic .308 rifle. Tikka CTR SS .308 Ruger American Hunter/Magpul .308 Intent on the Tikka would be to add a Tikka Performance AICS bottom metal to have the AICS mag capability. Other than that, stock for...
  3. mark5pt56

    Any .223 CA MPR reviews?

    Anyone own one of the .223 variants of the MPR and have feedback? Debating the ss barrel or CF and accuracy. Mark
  4. mark5pt56

    sold_______________Federal Trophy Copper-.308--trades

    I picked this up about 3 years ago, squirreled it away for a lifetime of hunting. Been in those cans and inside the whole time. 150 grain Don't "need" to sell it, so if you want Walmart prices-go there and buy the Fudd stuff. Online appears to be 1.50 per round. MAKE SURE YOU CAN RECEIVE FROM...
  5. mark5pt56

    Miscellaneous L@@K!!!!

    Cleaning up stuff and would prefer to dump the whole lot at once so I'm not bouncing to the PO. NO AMMO INCLUDED--- USPS money order or cash, no trades. THE ROUND HOLDER IS NOT EAGLE Priced for the lot shipped small USPS box. Individual priced shipped-includes shipping---- Please advise...
  6. mark5pt56

    Ruger American Ranch with scope-.223/5.56

    Like new, maybe 400 rounds out, perfect truck, fun gun or suppressor host. Honest MOA with match ammo. Includes manual, and thread protecter. I added the A2 flash hider and 3-9 Tasco scope. 400 cash, valid ID and CHP One trade is P320 sub compact
  7. mark5pt56

    SOLD G34 gen 5 with mounted Vortex Venom--trades

    As new, maybe 300 rounds out. I just don't have the time to enjoy it. It includes the box, manual(s) and mounting plates, etc. Suppressor height sights(Ameriglo), visible through optic. Fl license and Valid Fl. CHP FTF sale, cash--will ship on your dime 895 or best offer Trades P320 Sub...
  8. mark5pt56

    sold*****COLT 1911 match slide w/BOMAR sight-make offer

    Perfect for a match build! Plus will more than likely be cerakoted when done fitting. Used, some minor spots as seen. I got this used, nothing wrong, some finish wear as seen and from a stock bushing. Fitting a match barrel and bushing as normal for a match gun. I had two and using the other...
  9. mark5pt56

    SOLD Benelli M2 Tactical #11029---NEW PRICE----OBO-----TRADES

    Like new, maybe 200 rounds fired, no issues. No box, just the manual, chokes and shim kit. IC/M/F 895/obo USPS MO or cash if FTF (Sarasota) Individual to FFL Mark Trades P320 Sub Compact P320 Compact w/MS P320-M17 P320-M18 Springfield 1911's-depends Sig 1911's-XO?
  10. mark5pt56

    A friend is looking at a build from them, can anyone provide real feedback on their products and services? Lead time, etc. She's looking at a 6.5 bolt gun, I'm trying to talk her into an AI though, was definitely happy when she shot my AT. Thanks and please advise Mark
  11. mark5pt56

    SOLD NIB DD5V2****. OBO

    2075 OBO This is NIB, been in the safe in a gun sock and currently no plans to go further on the project. All factory accessories as you see and will ship with one 10 round magazine and the the factory black plastic case. Nothing has been done to it other than application of oil and the bore...
  12. mark5pt56

    75 ELDM in Tikka Varmint

    Ok, Tikka Varmint, 24" barrel with MPA chassis using Accurate mags. Internal mag length is 2.370-75 Modified cases, inserted ELDM and once contacted rifling to seat is at 2.485 OAL Current load is 2.260 using 75BTHP Hornady and 24 grains H4895, LC case, just wanted to get some more out of the...
  13. mark5pt56

    SOLD Benelli SBE II, Camo, 24" 95% + LET'S WORK A DEAL!

    Benelli Super Black Eagle II, 24" Camo, includes everything it came with other than the oil bottle. I did add a rail for a red dot (slugs) it was installed using low strength thread locker (purple) and 15 inch pounds. It may have 200 rounds through it, which is nothing, I was hunting with it...
  14. mark5pt56

    OBRO****Vortex Strike Eagle 1-6x and ADM Recon mount

    CASH OR USPS MO IF SHIPPED Vortex Strike Eagle 1-6 and ADM Recon. No issues with function, small nic on elevation cap and one very small one on one ring on right side. Hardly noticeable but didn't want nit picking over a scratch on a used AK handguard. You can see the one on the E cap, last...
  15. mark5pt56

    Tikka T3 Varmint .223 magazines, single shot follower and stock

    Take off from the Tikka Varmint, .223 caliber. No issues and all like new. 1 6 round magazine 1 4 round magazine 1 single shot follower 1 factory stock with trigger guard, screws. All or nothing to keep it easy. USPS money order 75 shipped lower 48 (the two mags alone would be this)
  16. mark5pt56

    Christensen Arms MPR--700 foot print?

    With the MPR, is the action a 700 foot print? Meaning if removing the barreled action and using another 700 foot print action, something other than a Remington to do another caliber(.223) Please-don't need wtf why responses. Thanks!
  17. mark5pt56

    **sold****LMT MRP CHASSIS

    WHAT'S LEFT OF THE STUFF MRP CHASSIS, CHARGE HANDLE NO TRADES, USPS MO, NO PAYPAL Best reasonable offer on this stuff-please don't ask my bottom dollar-make an offer. LMT MRP chassis with ladder covers and LMT CH, -485 obo Thanks and please advise Mark
  18. mark5pt56

    SPF**Prima Loft set, as new

    Got this for hunting, taken it out not worn in the woods, didn't need it. Wore it once or twice, top only to walk the dog in the neighborhood. (no poop!) As a set, 175 shipped OBO USPS MO Pants are XL, Vest, XL and Coat is L but fits over vest, fleece loosely. Mark
  19. mark5pt56

    Daniel Defense bolt gun?

    So, there's a video out there with a teaser on one, not much information, has anyone heard?
  20. mark5pt56

    SOLD. .300 BO Barnes black tips

    New in box, kept inside, 14 boxes total. These are normally 28-30 a box. 5 box minimum All 14 boxes at 300 shipped.--that 21.43 a box! 5 boxes at 130 shipped