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  1. kingston

    WTB: Redding 6.5 SAUM Dies

    WTB: Redding 6.5 SAUM Dies I figured I’d ask before ordering them. Please PM me if you have a set available. Also looking for a .2962 NK .120FB reamer.
  2. kingston

    ZEISS Conquest DL 3-12x50mm ASV

    ZEISS Conquest DL 3-12x50mm ASV This scope is in perfect condition. It had been carefully mounted, but was never used. These have fantastic glass and external lens surfaces are finished with Zeiss’ AquaDura hydrophobic coating. $675 Delivered, plus actual cost of insurance, if you want it. PP...
  3. kingston

    WTB: Savage Small Shank Prefit 6.5 CM 1:7 26" Barrel

    I'm looking for a Savage Small Shank Prefit chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor with a 1:7 or possibly 1:7.5 twist, 26" or 28" long, threaded 5/8-24 in a Heavy Varmint, MTU, Straight contour, Heavy Palma, M24, ... I'm looking for something heavy. Let me know what you've got!
  4. kingston

    SPF: Bushnell ELITE TACTICAL 3.5-18x44LRTSi

    Bushnell ELITE TACTICAL 3.5-18x44LRTSi I mounted this in APA rings and set it on several rifles. I do think it’s had a single round fired under it. The scope is near perfect with very very slight ring marks on one side. APA’s latest run of 0.75 30mm rings are running snug... $825.00...
  5. kingston

    SOLD - New open box Bushnell Elite Tactical Hunter 3-12x44 LRHS

    New open box Bushnell Elite Tactical Hunter 3-12x44 LRHS I purchased this as new on the 24HCF a few months ago. It looks new. $SOLD Delivered, plus actual cost of insurance, if you want it. PP preferred if we’re friends or family, otherwise plus 3%. I’ll ship USPS Priority. Will be listed...
  6. kingston

    SOLD FS: Seekins Havak PH1 6.5 PRC, Brass, Ammo, Dies

    Seekins Havak PH1 6.5 PRC - Excellent Near New Condition I took delivery in January. It’s got 277 rounds down the tube. I also have Dies, Brass (ADG and Hornady), Factory Ammo and fire formed brass. It pushed a 147 ELD-M 3020fps with RL26. Complete with all factory kit. I added a second...
  7. kingston

    Avatar image-restoring

    I can't seem to figure out how to restore my avatar image. I've looking in the settings and profile menus. What am I missing? Thanks
  8. kingston

    H-S Precision Stock fitment - Shimming recoil lug

    I was having some fitment issues with a new Remington XCR Compact Tactical. The action was set too far back in the stock when with the recoil lug in contact with the stocks bedding block. This in turn was forcing the bolt handle in to the stock's rearward bolt handle inletting. Not wanting to...
  9. kingston

    Coating Aluminum Rings after lapping?

    Should Aluminum rings be coated with something after lapping. I a concerned with the Al oxidizing as the factory anodizing/coating is damaged or removed by the lapping process.
  10. kingston

    Modifying/Fitting H-S Precision stocks

    After inletting a bolt handle on an H-S precision stock, is there a way to repair the finish without repainting the entire stock? Is the core the same color as the surface of the stock?
  11. kingston

    Best non-marring barrel vise jaws?

    What do you guys use? There is oak and Accu-grip Accu-grip What do you suggest?
  12. kingston

    HELP Rem 700 XCR Com. bolt handle hitting stock??

    I just received my new Remington 700 XCR Compact Tactical in 308. The bolt handle hits the stock inletting and the bolt does not seem to be closing all the way. Has anyone else had this problem. What is totally unbelievable, is that this rifle is meant to replace my '98 LTR in 308 and that...
  13. kingston

    QD sling swivel info and reviews?

    A few of us have been helping to beta test Arctangent's PRS QD sling swivel mounts over on ar15. I've personally found that I really like Troy's SS QD Sling Swivels for flush cups. Can anyone recommend some other high quality US made QD Sling Swivels. I've been getting the feeling that there...
  14. kingston

    McCann Remington 700 Scope Base???

    Has anyone ever used this base. It is made by McCann Industries from "solid cold formed key stock'. I read an article written for an Australian publication featuring two McMillian rifles with McCann scope bases on them. I do not see too much else out there. Does anybody use these? Thanks...