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    Brandon Lee

    Died making a movie exactly like how his dad Bruce faked his death in a movie.
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    Anyone watch Good Boys?

    Rated R movie centered around 3 friends that are 12yrs old. To avoid spoilers, all I'll say is it is fuckin' hilarious! Check it out! Sippy cup, sippy cup!😂🤣
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    UFC 175 this Saturday!

    Who's going to watch the fights this weekend? Chris Weidman vs Lyoto Machida and Rhonda Rousey vs Alexis Davis! Both fights have the belts on the line. My picks are Weidman will retain his belt and Davis will make Rowdy Rhonda look human. Who you got? Also, Sunday is the 3rd fight...
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    UFC HW Title Fight!

    Who's watching the fights tonight? I'm stoked and can't wait for the beat downs to start! I'm pulling for Cain to retain his belt! Who do you think will win?
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    Modifying Alpha Mags for Manners mini-chassis

    Can someone point me in the right direction to modifying Alpha mags to fit in the MCS minni-chassis. Just by looking at it, the corners need to be shaved down but I don't want to ruin my mags. What methods have you used to make them easier to load in the chassis? Any help would be greatly...
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    Bisping laid to waste

    Vitor put the arrogant prick in his place! Thoughts...
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    Velasquez dominates Dos Santos

    That was one of the most brutal ass beatings I've seen in a rematch. Who else watched it... thoughts?
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    How crazy...

    Would I be to rebarrel my Rem700? It's a .308 that shoots Damn good, slings 175gr bullets at 2700ft per second. It only has 200 rounds down the Rock Creek barrel but after reading about the 260rem, I can't shake the feeling to switch calibers. This gun will be used for LR shooting and...
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    ##UPDATE##My new build... Range Report

    I finally got the time to put some pics together of my rig. Took a while to get all the parts and get it put together. It is my version of the M40A3. Obviously not a full spec build but this one is mine and I'm proud of it. I've only put 40 rounds through it so far but tomorrow will be a...
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    Run it or get the next size up?

    Ok, just got my Seekins rings in and the bell sits literally a hair away from the barrel. Am I ok to run it like this? Or do I move up to the next size ring height. Sorry, no pics anytime soon, laptop took a shit. Setup: IOR 30mm tube, 50 objective Seekins 20moa base Seekins medium .87...
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    (w/ pics)Need some advice...

    So, I finally got my Mcmillan stock in and installed my Timney trigger. The barreled action fit fine putting it together with the factory trigger and CDI bottom metal. Now, with the wider Timney trigger the bottom metal won't seat all the way flush. It appears the bottom metal inlet is a...
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    UFC 134!!!

    UFC 134 AKA UFC Rio, taking place in Brazil this Saturday. Should be some great fights with the Brazilian fighters battling in front of their home crowd. Middleweight Title Fight: Anderson Silva vs Yushin Okami Lightheavy Weight bout: Maurico Rua vs Forrest Griffin Heavyweight bout...
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    Help! How much is my M4 worth??

    Be easy on me... I have a Bushmaster M4 model XM15-E2S with quad rail up front, quad rail gas block, Aimpoint ML3 2MOA in a Larue mount with single point bungee sling. It has a 1:9 twist barrel and I have 3 PMags w/ windows and 5 regular magazines and sits in a Blackhawk bag w/ 5 magazine side...
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    Rebarreling a Remington 700 Target/Tactical .308

    1st post, 1st question... I bought a Rem700 Target/Tactical .308 off a friend of mine and I want to rebarrel this thing because I hate the triangular barrel. I want to use the rifle for hunting and some long range shooting. I'm leaning towards a 22" barrel by either Pac-Nor, Bartlein, Krieger...