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    SOLD: 2x Timney 510 triggers, R700, RH safety

    SOLD 1/17 Have 2 Timney 510 triggers for sale for R700 pattern actions. RH safety. One has a bolt release, one does not. I know I had the second bolt release at one time, but I haven't been able to find it yet... it may have made legs and disappeared. Both worked great when removed, just...
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    Nucleus 224V/SPC bolt head & spare parts lot

    Have the following stuff leftover after selling my Nucleus action… 1x 0.422" / 224 Valkyrie / SPC bolt head and extractor. Bolt head will work on a Nucleus 1.0 / 1.1 action. New, never fired. Asking $175 shipped & insured Spare small parts lot including a castle nut, castle washer, lock pin...
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    SPF: ARC Nucleus, RH, SA, 223 & Valkyrie bolt heads

    SPF 1/16 Up for sale is an ARC Nucleus short action with 30 MOA scope rail and 0.378” (223) or 0.422” (PPC/Valkyrie) bolt head. I’ve ran about 4k rounds of 223AI through this action and it’s been totally solid… only selling because I decided to try an Archimedes and like it a bit better than...
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    SOLD: XTSP Mod 22 trigger for R700, dovetail shoe, RH safety

    SOLD 1/2 Up for sale is an XTSP CG Mod 22 2-stage trigger for a Remington 700. RH top safety, no bolt stop. This is the latest style with the dovetail adjustable trigger shoe. Right hand safety, no bolt release. Worked great for 4000+ rounds in my Nucleus, but doesn’t play nice in the new...
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    SOLD: ARC Nucleus long action, magnum or 308 bolt, 30 MOA rail

    SOLD 11/18 Up for sale is a never used Nucleus long action with magnum boltface and 30 MOA picatinny rail. I bought this intending to use it for a lightweight 7 SAUM hunting build for slinging 180 VLDs but ended up finding a great deal on another completed hunting build before I built this one...
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    SOLD: CZ 455 Varmint Precision Trainer, .22LR & .17HMR, DIP rail, DJ Dillon bolt knob

    SOLD 12/24 Have a nice CZ 455 Varmint Precision Trainer in a GAP camo manners T4 for sale. Includes 20.5" factory CZ heavy varmint profile .22LR and .17HMR barrels. Also has a DIP scope rail, bolt knob install by DJ Dillon, and an Accu-Shot picatinny rail on the front of the stock. 22LR...
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    SOLD: Vortex Razor HD 5-20, mil/mil, 10 mil elevation knob, Seekins rings & Vortex level

    Sold 10/21 Have a nice Vortex Razor 5-20 HD, mil/mil with 10 mil elevation knob, EBR-2B reticle for sale. Also included are Seekins/Vortex 35mm 0.95" (low) rings and a Vortex 35mm bubble level. Scope is in great shape; I haven't pulled it out of the rings yet but if it's anything like my...
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    MangoSherpa is GTG

    @MangoSherpa is GTG, recently bought a Manners T4A from me. Quick payment, great communication. Thanks again!
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    Remington SPS Varmint barreled action, 26" 223, Timney Trigger, Phoenix bolt knob

    More stuff from the safe cleanout... Remington 700 SPS Varmint barreled action, .223 26" 1-12 twist heavy varmint contour barrel, Timney trigger, Blackhawk 20 MOA rail. Phoenix Custom Rifles bolt knob. Action and barrel have about 500 rounds on it, not enough use to smooth out the parkerizing...
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    SOLD: Manners T4A, mini chassis, R700 SA, tan

    SOLD 8/17 More from the safe cleanout... Manners T4A, mini chassis, R700 SA, tan. Standard shell. Has flush cups on the LH side, provision for a sling stud near the buttpad, and an Atlas rail up front. I can't find the original invoice but I'm 95% sure the barrel channel is cut for a Remington...
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    SOLD: Vortex Razor HD 5-20 x 50, mil/mil, 5 mil elevation knob, EBR-2B reticle

    SOLD 9/28 Time for another safe cleanout. I have a Vortex Razor HD 5-20 x 50, mil/mil FFP, EBR-2B reticle, 5 mil elevation knob for sale. Comes with the original style Vortex caps and also a throw lever. Very good condition, light scuffing of the finish mainly on the bottom half of the tube...
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    Sold: Timney 512 trigger, RH safety & bolt release, nickel

    Sold 9/6 Found this in the safe... nothing wrong with it, it was just leftover when I upgraded a rifle to a CG Mod 22. Timney 512, curved shoe, nickel plated shoe & RH safety, bolt release. Asking $105 shipped. Please PM for contact. Payment via Paypal, USPS MO, check, etc. Thanks!
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    Light strikes on an R700, excess firing pin drag from Timney?

    A friend of mine is having an issue with occasional light strikes in a 223 Remington 700 with a Timney 510 trigger. The rifle shot fine for years but recently started having occasional light strikes. When I disassembled the bolt, I did find some grease had migrated between the firing pin...
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    dymailbox is good to go!

    @dymailbox recently bought an AI AT from me... great communication and super fast payment. Thanks again!
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    SOLD: Spuhr SP-4616 / cantilever 34mm / 1.5 high / 20 MOA

    SOLD 4/13 Up for sale is a Spuhr SP-4616 cantilever mount. 34mm scope, 1.5” high, 20 MOA cant. Like new condition. Includes box, spare screws, and leveling wedge. Switching the scope on my 6.5CM lightweight AR to a Bushnell LRHSi and need a 30mm mount. Asking $345 shipped & insured. Payment...
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    SOLD: Spuhr SP-4001 / 34mm / 1.18 high / 0 MOA

    SOLD 4/10 I have a mint Spuhr SP-4001 for sale. 34mm, 1.18" high, 0 MOA. Box and leveling wedge included. Came off my AIAT, had to go to a taller mount for the new AIAX. Asking $315 shipped & insured. Payment via USPS MO, Check, Paypal (F&F or you cover the fees.) Thanks!
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    AXMC primer cratering / bolt bushing question

    Having just taken delivery of my AXMC I have a question for those who have been shooting them for a while. I know primer cratering can be an issue in the AXMC with the large diameter firing pin when running some of the small primer brass with the 308 bolt, but how many of you have had primer...
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    WTS: AXMC 300WM barrel and brake, brand new

    Up for sale is the 26" 1-10 twist 300WM barrel and brake in Elite Sand from my AXMC that I just DROS'd. As-new condition because it is new... I took it off the action right after opening the box. Only test rounds at the factory. Asking $525 shipped and insured. Not looking for any trades at the...
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    Barrel blank for AXMC, shank diameter?

    Just got notice that my AXMC is shipping, so I want to get a heavy palma gain twist blank on order from bartlein for 300 PRC. I know the AXMC uses larger tenon threads than the short action AI, but are the barrel blanks for the AXMC the same 1.250" shank diameter or are they larger? I want to...
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    SOLD: Pale Brown AX308 magazine

    SOLD 3/10 Have a Pale Brown AX308 magazine #6677PB for sale. Lightly used, some minor finish wear at the corners but no major scrapes or dings. This is for a short action AX rifle, not for an AX AICS chassis. Asking $82 shipped and insured. Payment via USPS MO, check, paypal (f&f or you cover...