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    Who still owns their first gun?

    Belgian Browning Safari Grade in 30-06. Still a very accurate rifle and still 100% factory original. Passed to me when my father was KIA very near Camp Enari. I also inherited a Belgian Browning 22-SA, a Remington Rand 45ACP stamped USArmy with the Bomar sights, 2 Model 97's (one of which was...
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    Sanity check: getting OUT of reloading

    I'm in the keep it camp. I'd for sure keep it at least until mid-November.
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    NRL22 in Spokane Area?

    Post what you discover, please. I'm in Lewiston and have not heard of anything close.
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    Favorite pistol caliber

    I haven't had any problems whatsoever with mine. It's the longer version, I think 8.25" but I might be wrong. The blueing is a little thin and worn quite a bit and it has not really seen that much use. It's also quite accurate out to 100 yards. Maybe more if someone was a true pistolero. I...
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    A Few Notes on Prying Eyes

    According to a recent article, USA is just barely second to China in monitoring citizens. If the private sector monitoring systems (doorbells, Alexa, etc) are added in the equation, the USA is the leader by a long shot.
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    I thought everyone could use a laugh…

    Similar thing happened to me using a shotshell reloader when I was about 15. My mom (dad was KIA Vietnam) banned me from reloading until the neighbor explained things to her, that he had similar happen to him once. Safety glasses are always on 45 years later! I keep a fire extinguisher near, as...
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    Favorite pistol caliber

    When I was in High School, one of my friends dad had a Freedom Arms in .454. I think they were the only ones making one then. I shot it a few times and knew I had to have one but their cheapest model was on the order of $1500. Far more than I could afford, so I waited. Then I sort of put it on...
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    What’s the deal with Vortex? Yay? Nay?

    Same with NF NXS and SHV series. Same with the Swarovski's I have. Same for the Zeiss.
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    What’s the deal with Vortex? Yay? Nay?

    Vortex is some Wisconsin company that uses China to manufacture some of its gear. Go buy whatever you like! But I would highly recommend you do not buy anything with a "made in China" label, if at all possible...
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    NRL22 Scope Settings

    Nice wood shop you have there! Those rifles are nice, as well. I'd sure like to see my local range delve into the NRL22 stuff. It looks like it would be fun as well as less expensive practice for the larger caliber shooting.
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    What’s the deal with Vortex? Yay? Nay?

    Thank you! I've been at it for 50 years. I had a shelf break from being overloaded. Fucked up a couple of nice rifles, cosmetic only except one trigger guard was broken so I had to get some new bottom metal. I made some dividers and shelves for both safes out of plywood that interlock and just...
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    What’s the deal with Vortex? Yay? Nay?

    Don't buy "made in China".
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    Winchester 52

    for sale? how much? targets at 50 yards?
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    What’s the deal with Vortex? Yay? Nay?

    I am certain that a few squads would be well outfitted. Not everything is visible there and I have more than one safe and not everything has a spot in the safes.
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    What’s the deal with Vortex? Yay? Nay?

    Notice that I have never once asked anyone nor told anyone nor adviSed anyone to not buy Vortex. I expressed my convictions on trying my damndest to never buy "made in China". I saw some Vortex stuff posted that was labeled made in Japan, etc. I can honestly say that I looked and saw "made in...
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    What’s the deal with Vortex? Yay? Nay?

    Preparing for the last war....
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    What’s the deal with Vortex? Yay? Nay?

    The primary difference is that the Chinese do not give 2 hoots about patent or copywrite laws. They will steal the specs and sell it. They might even sell it using your name on the counterfeit product. There are some threads even here on SH that delve into this. Further, the Chinese do whatever...
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    SA or LA? CIP?
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    Seating depth test interpretations... uh... assistance.

    Your .060 group is also a decent group. The 2 outliers could have been wind or you but 3 are stacked. I saw what you posted about not being able to touch the lands...I'd start at your -0.03" and work up different powder charges, seeking accuracy nodes and pressure signs (max charge). Then, I...
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    Talk me out of a 6mm

    Don't buy a 6mm.