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  1. Hoyt7mm

    RRS Competition Tripod?

    Will it come in a TFCT version with anvil 30 head? Tempting to wait on this and change my order since the TFCT-33 is still on backorder.
  2. Hoyt7mm

    Bushnell Elite Tactical Sniper Challenge Change of Venue

    Anybody receive any additional info on this yet? Partner and I are registered, but haven't heard anything about check-in/sight-in/step off, etc times
  3. Hoyt7mm

    Terminus Zeus fitment with upcoming MPA 22lr bolt for Curtis Vector?

    Short answer is I don't think so. If I remember correctly, the Vector has a .750, while the Terminus has a .725 bolt.
  4. Hoyt7mm

    Calling all Ckye pod and/or Area 419 arcalock rail owners

    The Arca version of the Ckye pod will bolt to the 419 Arcalock rail without an issue. Not sure if the 419 clamp is compatible with the Ckye pod, granted I'd just stay with their stock clamp or go to a RRS clamp.
  5. Hoyt7mm

    Shot Show 2020 Thread!!!

    Anybody mind getting details on the new RRS stuff? Are they starting to make more heads that interface with the TFCT Apex?
  6. Hoyt7mm

    Feeding issues with 10rnd mag

    My buddy just had this problem. He tried playing with the feed lips, and it helped, but didn't solve the problem. Eventually, he just turned it into a 22 Creed. Cycles great now
  7. Hoyt7mm

    Mammoth Challenge 2021

    I wore running shoes and will continue to do so. I'm more comfortable in them, than in hiking boots. My 2 cents would be to focus on something with high breath ability vs being water proof. Training wise: ruck. I'm a runner and was glad I spent time with weight on my back because it is very...
  8. Hoyt7mm

    RRS Tripod with Area 419 Arcalock clamp

    First, let me say that I own a ton of Area 419 stuff and love it, so I'm not knocking them. But RRS clamps lock up tighter and way more easily than the Area 419 arca clamps. This goes for standard arca rails and Arcalock rails. So in conclusion, you could but you're taking a 9.8/10 tripod system...
  9. Hoyt7mm

    RRS Tripod Question

    That's a good point on ordering the apex separately, thanks!
  10. Hoyt7mm

    RRS Tripod Question

    That's good to hear and makes sense. Just to be clear, both options I'm looking at are the fixed apex so I'll have a more compact folded size. From what I can tell, the TFC and Anvil attach via the 3/8" stud, while the TFCT and Anvil use a taper fit and 3 screws. I'm just wondering/hoping...
  11. Hoyt7mm

    RRS Tripod Question

    Can you guys please comment on the stability/pros & cons of the RRS TFC-33 with Anvil 30 vs the TFCT-33 with Anvil 30? From my understanding, the only difference is how the Anvil 30 interfaces with the tripod. Is there going to be a noticeable difference between 1 setup vs the other? The...
  12. Hoyt7mm

    .308 Winchester

    Sometimes you just need to listen to people. Was trying 185 class bullets and wasn't having alot of luck (.5+ moa). Went back to 175 OTMs and problem solved. 3, 5 shot groups at 575 plus 1 to check dope before groups. 44 gr Varget, 175 OTMs, Federal GM brass, Fed 210M. Seated to same as factory...
  13. Hoyt7mm

    Detachable mag choice

    I would check with MPA about running AW mags. First, let me disclaim that I have never run AW mags. But during my time shooting and ROing I have seem multiple people run into issues with AW mags and getting binding when shooting off barricades/loading their rifle or mag into a support bag. I...
  14. Hoyt7mm

    Quick opinion of SIG Kilo 1000

    For anyone interested, Cabelas has the Sig Kilo 2200BDX on sale for $299 from now until January 8. I think I'll be heading up that way tonight to pick one up
  15. Hoyt7mm

    Detachable mag choice

    Defiance offers their actions in both an "AW" and "AICS" cut. You'll need to talk with your smith/Defiance to figure out which one your action has. If it's an AW cut, you can run either AW or AICS mags, however from my experience AICS mags can bind in an AW cut action. If it's cut for AICS...
  16. Hoyt7mm

    Mammoth Sniper Challenge 2020 Discussion

    About 50 lbs :LOL: More detailed would be: 308 Bolt gun & Accessories + 140 rds Walther PPQ M2 & Accessories + 80 rds AG Gamechanger w/ Git-lite RRS TFCT-33 Tripod Cabelas Minimalist Pack Bag, pad, bivy 5x Mtn House Meals, 1x 4oz Jetboil fuel can 6x Cliff Bars, 6x Protein Bars, 1 lb Jerky...
  17. Hoyt7mm

    Federal GM 175 SMK - Dope Help

    Odd that Strelok seems to be that much closer. I may have to give that a shot. I'm sure on the MV. 26" barrel...reamer was designed specifically for the GM 175s. My partner and I both took notes and pictures from LabRadar and Magneto. It's not a dyslexia moment for me this time. I'll...
  18. Hoyt7mm

    Federal GM 175 SMK - Dope Help

    I ran into a problem a couple of weeks ago when doping my 308 and checking data with the Federal GM 175 SMKs. The punch line is I can't seem to get my AB program to line up with my real world dope. Hoping you guys can find my error, or provide some insight. We used 1" waterlines on all...
  19. Hoyt7mm

    Redding Type S Match 6.5x47 Lapua Die Set

    Lightly used and in very good condition. Will come with both 25 can and 6.5 cal buttons along with appropriate 25 cal TiN Bushing (forget the exact dia). Asking $200 tyd