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    Any light weight 6.5 creedmoor loads?

    Currios what loads are working for you guys with the 85 to 100 grain varmint bullets Thanks for any data
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    Steiner p4xi vs bushnell dmr2

    I have been scope shopping for a while and thought i had it narrowed down to the dmr2. After coyote hunting at night with a light and moon light i relized low light performance is a very important factor for me. This is going on a multi role rifle that is used for hunting day and night...
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    Wtb. Tbac flash hider 1/2in thread

    Title says it all. Looking for a flash hider to mount my ultra 7. Used is fine hopeing to find a deal 1/2 28 thread
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    Athlon ares etr

    These have been in the wild for a while now. Any long term reports on performance and durability? I have looked all over the net and havent really read anything bad about them but not a lot of talk about them either. I have been watching used gen 2 razors, but i like the dot reticle in the...
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    Anything better value than a used gen 2 razor?

    Time to upgrade my pst. It has served me well but it is definitely the week link in my system. I see gen 2 razors in the px for sub 1500 especially the 3-18 model sometimes down around 1200. What other scopes compare with the gen 2 either new or used? Really the only thing holding me back is...
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    Xlr tac buttstock and folder

    This is the buttstock and folder only. It is well used but i would not call it abused. Some bolt heads, along with some of the steel parts in the folding mechanism show rust. Still very usable just trying to be transparent. Foam on cheek peice has a gouge that has been there for several...
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    Wtt my atlas and maybe some $$$ for your stock or chassis

    I have this atlas psr. I was thinking about posting it here for sale to help fund a krg bravo. Just throwing out a trade offer to see if anyone has a...
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    Recommendations for spring snow goose guide.

    Hey guys. A few budys and i started talking about a spring snow goose hunt, Probably in Missouri. Anyone have a guide they recommend? Found several oonline just hoping for a first hand referral Thanks
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    What semi auto shotgun for waterfowl hunting?

    Thinking of retiring the old 870. What semi auto do you guys like and why? Prefer 3 1/2 inch but dont have to be.
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    Help with trust

    I am getting my first suppressor and am planning on purchasing through a trust. My local dealer recommended arsenal attorney. It looks like a great company but is very expensive compared to other online trust services. I am fine with spending the extra money but want to know if it is worth...
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    What do you look for in a rifle chassis

    I have been looking at chassis for a while and it is makeing my head hurt. I have read other threads such as "what is you go to chassis". I would like to to look deaper into this. Why is your favorite what it is? What features do you look for? Open top barrel channel or tubular style? Just...
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    Anyone have a home vault/gunsafe

    When i built my house a few years ago, i had a doorway cut into the 4 cement walls that would typically be filled with sand for the front porch. Then a concrete ceiling was poured in place. I haven't done anything with it yet but we are starting to finish our basement and this is on the list of...
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    Adm harris bipod mount Anyone use one of these. I would like to make it easier to switch between rifles Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
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    PSA 9mm glock magazine ar15

    Anyone have one of these? They have a few different models as well as build kits. I would imagine that most of the main components would be the same on all models. I have a buddy with a PSA in 5.56 and it is a good rifle for the price. Wondering if the 9mm variant is the same? Any input on...
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    Chasing the lands

    How do you guys chase the lands as your throat erodes? Wait until accuracy suffers then make adjustments or monitor it and keep the bullet jump the same through the life of the barrel? Just checked mine last night and it looks like my throat has worn about .015 in 500 rounds. I guess the...
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    Optic for my new ar build

    Hello guys. I just got my ar put together and test fired yesterday. It is 16inch barrel with free float handgaurd. I plan to use this rifle as a do all rifle. I hope to try 3 gun shooting, maybe a tactical carbine class, and it will definitely see some predator hunting. I definitely want a...
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    Another budget ar thread

    Just thought I'd update this thread. I purchased a psa moe lower with their enhanced polished trigger. The trigger isnt great but better that most factory triggers. Because of all of you guys i decided to build my own upper. So far i have purchased a balistic advantage stainless 16 inch hanson...
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    Stainless or crome molly?

    I think i have decided on a balistic advantage barrel... l will go with a hanson profile with the pinned gas block. Now the next question is do i go with the stainless 8 twist 223 wylde or the 7 twist cromolly nato chamber? Both have a 1 moa guarantee. The crome molly is 10 bucks cheaper. My...
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    Another budget ar thread

    So i have an itch for an ar 15 again... i had one a few years ago and sold it in disappointment. My expectations at the time was way off base, i was expecting it to perform like a precision rifle and a precision rifle it was not. I think i have a more reasonable expectation at this time. The...