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  1. jbell

    *SOLD*New Lapua 308 brass primed BR2

    New, never loaded Lapua 308 Win brass that I primed with CCI BR2 primers but never loaded. Will be shipped in the blue Lapua box. Sold $80 shipped
  2. jbell

    SOLD Manners MCS-TF2A LOADED! R700 SA

    Manners MCS-TF2A for a Remington 700 short action (or clone), spent it's life with my V22 which was a hammer! This one is fully loaded with about every option you can get (see the attached build sheet). It's in excellent condition! The only thing is I shortened 1 screw for the spacer system...
  3. jbell

    Vudoo Gun Works insite

    Y’all may have already seen it but VGW recently released a great video series of an interview with Mike Bush. It is well worh the time to watch it:
  4. jbell

    Labradar competitors

    I am going to update my chronograph in the next month or two but was waiting to see if anyone came out with a radar based system to compete with the Labradar at Shot Show. I have not seen any chatter about anything new, but before I pull the trigger on a Labradar I thought I would ask if y’all...
  5. jbell

    SOLD Leupold 5-25X56 MK5 Ill TMR W/ rings $1750 shipped

    I have sold several rifles this past month and I am now scope heavy. Like new Leupold MK5 5-5X56 with the illuminated TMR reticle (I purchased it new this past summer & used it very little). It comes with the box, papers, stickers, sunshade, throw lever button, etc. It also comes with Vortex...
  6. jbell

    AIAT folder Chassis (not R700) TRADED

    Accuracy International AT chassis that the barreled action was removed from. It is in good condition both mechanically and cosmetically. The hinge is smooth and tight, skins are in good shape. The washers that go between the action and the chassis to create the gap for the epoxy are included, as...
  7. jbell

    Bushnell DMR II Pro

    I am thinking about giving one a go, I have owned several of the original DMR’s and they are very good for the $ all tracked 100% and gave me years of good service. I like the G2 & think I will like the G3 reticle so that isn’t a factor for me. I am curious about people’s experience with these...
  8. jbell

    SOLD Nightforce Benchrest 8-32X56 NP-1RR & rings

    Selling a very good condition NF Benchrest 8-32X56 with the NO-1RR reticle and Leupold QRW rings. The glass is great, the scope tracks perfectly, and the reticle is awesome for precision work. The lenses are perfect. It comes with everything it left NF with: box, papers, sunshade, bikini cover...
  9. jbell

    RCBS 260 REM neck die set

    Very good condition, seen little use as I have a 260 Redding comp die set that I use. $40 shipped
  10. jbell

    WTT-WTS H4350 / RL17 in Maine

    -5 unopened pounds, of H4350 lot number: 1010616 5496 -2 unopened pounds, 1 partial (0.7 pound) of H4350 lot number: 1101215 5468 -1 partial (0.5 pound) of H4350 lot number: 1031915 5383 -3 unopened pounds of RL17 lot number: 04214 X 081514 -1 partial (0.6 pound) of RL17 lot number: 07013 Z...
  11. jbell

    -SOLD-WTS/WTT Calvin Elite Custom $200 shipped OBO

    Excellent condition Timney Calvin Elite Custom for a Remington 700 or clone. Used very little in a Vudoo V-22. I bought an AR trigger, so I don’t need one now. SOLD $200 shipped OBO
  12. jbell

    TRG 22 full kit *SPF*

    It is time for me to make a decision about this rifle. Here is the story: A friend of mine purchased this rifle new and only put 230 rounds through the barrel over the course of 5-6 years. He wanted an AI and I missed my old TRG (they are my all time favorite rifle ever built), so I traded him...
  13. jbell

    Sold - Custom Anschutz Benchmark NF trades changed 12/21

    I had this rifle listed a while back and had a lot of trade offers, but I just couldn’t part with it. I have spent the last several years not shooting much and I have committed to race for a team next season as opposed to being a privateer which means I’ll be shooting even less having an...
  14. jbell

    SOLD Leupold MK5 5-25X56 CCH *pictures added*

    I have a like new MK5HD 5-25X56 mil with the CCH reticle non-illuminated that I would like to trade for a similar magnification and similar quality FFP mil-mil scope with a closed center reticle preferably a non-tree style reticle. I suppose this is basically a Vortex Razor Gen2 with the EBR-1C...
  15. jbell

    5X10 100 yard challenge

    I have been thinking about starting this up for a while, so I decided to give it a go today to see if it draws any interest. If so maybe we can make it a sticky. Not to take the place of the 6X5 thread which I will keep going as long as there are people who want to shoot it, but rather another...
  16. jbell

    TRG barrel diameter questions

    I am about to rebarrel another TRG, Inhad APA do my last one with Broughton barrels in a contour that very closely matched the factory contour. However this time around I think I would like to try a Proof Research carbon barrel. The only hesitation is I use the Sako TRG bipod which gets pretty...
  17. jbell

    WTS/WTT Manners TF2A Mini Chassis Gen 1 short action TRADE PENDING

    I just purchased this here on the Hide for a project that has to be put on the back burner unfortunately. The stock is in excellent condition, no imperfections or damages that I have seen, the folder is smooth and locks up tight. **the only thing to note is the inlet has been professionally...
  18. jbell

    Never mind...

    Hey guys, I can use some help if you get a minute. In the 6X5 thread on the most current results (on the 1st page of the thread) the 50 yard average is missing 2 people, or the 50 yard best group has some duplicates currently the average has 46 entries and the best group has 48. I have looked...
  19. jbell

    SOLD Ray Kirk “Raker” 6 1/4” NDN custom knife

    I never carry or use this knife and I’m not a collector so I feel bad that it just sits on the top of my bench for me to admire (which I really do!). Raker NDN 6” knife with sheath. It’s in excellent condition but has been sharpened by me with my Wicked Edge down to 1600 grit stones. I am...
  20. jbell

    Sako TRG22 26” 308 W/ extras

    -Sako TRG 22 26” 308 (post 2013 version with the upgraded trigger and safety) -The rifle has a tool free adjustable butt pad. I think I paid $150-$175 for it to be shipped from Norway (I don’t remember exactly). But this is a seriously sweet upgrade to an awesome rifle. -Sako TRG bipod -Sako...