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  1. Sean the Nailer

    Class Action Lawsuit!!!

    So, how about we all gather 'round, and form a "Class-Action Lawsuit" against China. After all, the country of China is responsible for the world-wide coronavirus going around. (is it an epidemic yet?) If we hold China responsible, then that will stop the coronavirus from happening further...
  2. Sean the Nailer

    The Ranch

    I'm told that "The Ranch" comes out again tomorrow, and that it is the last season of it. We've enjoyed it, for the most part. Far better than a LOT Of crap that is out there in tv-land. What saddens me, is the amount of other stuff that IS out there, and is classed as 'popular'. "The Ranch"...
  3. Sean the Nailer

    68 Whiskey

    Anyone seen this yet? Worth it?
  4. Sean the Nailer

    Local Headline IS a Question:

    So, it is hugely unfortunate (to say the least) about a local teenager dying from the flu. But it doesn't really say anything about how/why this flu was the culprit. As per: Now, I'm not a flu-ologist, but can...
  5. Sean the Nailer

    Off The Wall Question, 3D Etch Cabochon?

    I've been trying to search, and haven't had any luck so-far, just trying to find out IF it's possible. Anyone here know? Clear. 30mm-35mm'ish Anyone here do this stuff? I'm looking at a customized gift, not a "production run" sort of thing. Hit me with a PM, if you prefer. Thanks, and Merry...
  6. Sean the Nailer

    Sykes-Fairbairn Commando Dagger, possibly

    I don't know if this is authentic or not (looks like it could be) and there is also a Hat Brass and Compass listed both fore and aft. I used to know a guy who was trained at Camp X during the war, but alas, he's not around any longer. So I can't ask him. But, I thought some might be...
  7. Sean the Nailer

    Our Man in Ireland,

    Hello fellow 'Hiders. It seems that our Man in Ireland (Eddieo) is going through a bit of a 'rough patch'. He's dealing with 'more than his usual' at the moment, and with other compounding issues from the outside.... it's taking a toll. I am simply asking/requesting that anyone here who has a...
  8. Sean the Nailer

    South-West Florida Members,

    Hey ya'll. It seems that we may be in the Naples area for New Years and into the first week of January. Just thought I'd throw this out there, if anyone wants to have a coffee or so.
  9. Sean the Nailer

    Coach's Corner now BLOWS, People SUCK, and I support Don Cherry,

    For Don Cherry to lose his job for speaking THE TRUTH and REALITY and LOGIC is truly appalling. The whole damned network can rot in flames, for all I care. This is ridiculous.
  10. Sean the Nailer

    Oil In The Blood

    For anyone who's actually into riding motorcycles, and I truly mean the actual riding, racing, and wrenching,,,, this 2 hour documentary would probably interest you. It isn't about fandom, it isn't about flash, it is about the true aspects of riding. And true uniqueness, talent, ability, and...
  11. Sean the Nailer

    Quick, somebody call Robert Urich

    Endangered Species, Part II???? What in the hell is wrong with people?
  12. Sean the Nailer


    Hey ya'll, We just had the opportunity to watch "Indivisible" which is 'based on a true story'. We both thought it was good, well made, and continuous. (there weren't any long/boring/drawn-out portions where one is waiting for something to happen). Considering the group here, I recommend it...
  13. Sean the Nailer

    Latest Iranian Bullshit....

    I truly believe that it is time that the world's countries give Iran nuclear weapons and technology. From 35,000 feet. At a rate of about 40 planes a day, for say,,,, 3 days in a row. Then, and only then, will the world be a better place again, and people can get back to living decent...
  14. Sean the Nailer

    Espresso Brewers, unlike the Coffee Brewer's Thread,,,,

    Hey ya'll. We've got a great "coffee brewing" thread going, and there are MANY ways in which to make/brew/blend/steep coffee done in it, both hot and cold. But very little has been said, ever, about espresso. Who here drinks it, how do you make it, in which manner do you prefer it, and also...
  15. Sean the Nailer

    Angel Has Fallen

    Thoughts on this movie? Seems somewhat interesting.
  16. Sean the Nailer

    Off Topic completely, but since it's an eclectic group here, "Battleships"

    No, not 'the game'. As I have alluded to previously, I'm working on a project (long project, will take some-years) regarding the BB62 New Jersey. I'm looking to scratchbuild one of those in 1:96 as well as have it articulated, animated, semi-dissectable and a few other surprises with of...
  17. Sean the Nailer

    Pic of the 3,,,, unnamed.

    Hey ya'll, I'm asking for a bit of help here. Somebody, in one forum or another, in one thread or another, put up a picture of the 3 latest idiots (mass killers) side-by-each and I can't for the life of me,,, find it. My Lady was asking about it, and I'm wanting to show it to her, but my...
  18. Sean the Nailer

    Canada vs. US Shopping and Shipping

    Hey ya'll, I'm the first one to go out of my way to specifically support "the Local" as opposed to the 'big box stores' or the International Conglomerate. So, with regards to the "salt-bath annealing method" that I'd been reading about for quite some time, and add that to the fact that we...
  19. Sean the Nailer

    Multi-Car PileUp, so Sue Ford and Dodge,

    The next time that there is a multi-vehicle pileup, anywhere.... by all means start the legal proceedings to sue the automakers. After tall, they ALL make speedometers to indicate speeds that are higher than highway traffic act's allow. AND these vehicles are capable of carrying passengers...
  20. Sean the Nailer

    For All, a Happy Canada Day as well as Happy Independance Day!

    Here's one for ya'll that you should be able to appreciate: The hat has officially been tipped, AND the gauntlet has been formed! (I hope that this link works considering the Motivational Thread debacle and none of us need gooboogles black helicopters/black segway's circling us) :D