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  1. kthomas

    AR15 Suppressor - Q Plan B capability

    In the near future I'll be picking up a suppressor dedicated to ar15's to compliment the Omega the wife and I have which will be converted to Q's Plan B mounting system. I am completely new to suppressing ar15's, and wondering what people's thoughts are on the below suppressors that can take...
  2. kthomas

    Sharing Suppressor between Bolt Gun and ar15?

    Excuse the suppressor newbness here, but looking for some opinions on sharing a suppressor between ar15 and bolt gun hosts. The wife recently got a Silencerco Omega 300 suppressor (purchased it for her during the 2 for 1 sale), and she wants the ability to share it between her ar15 and her bolt...
  3. kthomas

    Commercial Salmon fishing in AK - anyone done this?

    Hey all, In June of this summer, I will be helping out my brother in-law with his commercial salmon fishing venture up in Alaska. He has a small gill net boat he's been running for the past few summers, and was looking for help this summer so I volunteered. He operates in the Prince William...
  4. kthomas

    9mm Subsonic Ammo

    I have a HK VP9 that I plan on suppressing with a SiCo Octane 45 that I'm waiting to get out of jail. Just purchased a SiCo threaded barrel and booster for it. Now I'm looking at picking up some subsonic ammo to be prepared for when the can arrives. I see that Prime has subsonic 147 grain 9mm...
  5. kthomas

    If you had a lot of free time...

    What would you do with it? Time is a valuable commodity, but right now I'm in a position where I have a lot of it, and trying to figure out the best way to capitalize on it. I recently got my green card (I'm a Canadian citizen), and I am waiting until April to activate it. Until then, I'm...
  6. kthomas

    Anybody else hate the gym?

    Personally, I can't stand gyms. Anybody else here hate gyms? And if so, what do you do to get your exercise in? Looking for some ideas on how to get more in shape, but in ways I would actually enjoy. I do enjoy doing bodyweight workouts at home or at the hotel (travel lots), I occasionally do...
  7. kthomas

    Dusty barreled action - project hunting gun?

    I have a barreled Defiance Rebel action with a 24" MTU benchmark barrel in 6.5 creedmoor, sitting on the closet floor collecting dust. It once belonged to an earlier generation GAP Crusader, my very first rifle. Debating about what to do with it, even considering turning it into a hunting rig...
  8. kthomas

    PGW Direwolf - new game changer rifle?

    This was brought up on a Canadian forum board. Apparently PGW (same brand that makes the coyote and timberwolf rifles) has made a new properietary .338LM semi-auto rifle, which they claim is going to be a "game changer". Looks like it is a cool new weapon system. Might be interesting and fun...
  9. kthomas

    Autotrickler "Belts"

    Anyone know where I can source these in a decent quantity? Want to stock up on a few of these as mine keep breaking.
  10. kthomas

    Interview request

    Hey Frank, I think if you are both up to it, @THEIS would probably be a really interesting guest to have on the show to discuss Hoplite Arms and the high pressure cartridges that are in development. Just an idea...
  11. kthomas

    Best American Flag company?

    I'm going to be putting up a 20 ft flag pole on the new property soon, and will be purchasing a quality American flag of course to adorn it. What company makes the best quality outdoor American flags? Any great flag companies/stores I should purchase from?
  12. kthomas

    Washington DC Trip - looking for suggestions

    The wife and I are headed to Washington DC on our way to Maine in early October. It's my first time going, and curious if you guys have some suggestions on any of the following below. We'll only be there for 1.5 days, so its a bit of a compressed trip. Advice on the following: - Any worthwhile...
  13. kthomas

    Knife for Car

    Looking at getting a general use knife to keep in the car. I would like it to be less than $100. No strong preference between fixed blade or folding, but leaning towards fix blade right now. Some options I'm currently considering is the ESEE CR2.5 & ESEE-3. I'm not on the "up and up" with...
  14. kthomas

    Best scope for $2k or less

    I have a friend who is getting into precision rifle shooting, and his looking for glass for his 6.5 creedmoor Bergara 14HMR. I know about all the options that exist at the $3k+ range, but I don't know near as much as offerings in the $2k or less range. What are the current best offerings for...
  15. kthomas

    Custom rear bags?

    I'm looking at getting a custom rear bag made for the wife. She wants something either pink, gray or a light green or blue (maybe a combo of a few of those?). Custom embroidery a plus. This is her rifle I just got built for her, so I know she's up for something fun and unique: What company...
  16. kthomas

    Silencershop Single Shot Trust

    Hey all, Question in regards to a silencershop single shot trust. My wife and I have a Crux Archangel can which was purchased at Crux and is currently sitting at their shop. I was going to pick it up directly from the shop (I was living in Houston until April of this year) but life took a turn...
  17. kthomas

    Looking for LOUD steel rimfire targets

    What do you guys recommend for some loud rimfire targets? I'm sure my best bet is thin steel (1/4" or so) on a target hanger. Will be looking for targets in the 4 - 6" range. I'll be using the target at ~300 yards with an airgun. Thanks!
  18. kthomas

    20/30 MOA Dovetail Base

    I'm looking for a 20 or 30 MOA Dovetail Base for my PCP airgun. I would also consider a solution such as Burris XTR rings (which have different elevation inserts) if such a thing exists for 30mm tubes for dovetail.
  19. kthomas

    Battery powered IR floodlight

    Does anything like this exist? Would love one or two to assist my Arlo NV security cameras, for wildlife viewing and pack rat hunting. I've seen a bunch of wired options, but any wireless/battery operated units available?
  20. kthomas

    GPS Distance Apps

    Anybody using an app to get distances for ELR targets? Long story short, I got my Terrapin-X stolen while in it's shipping package off my front door about 2 weeks ago. I plan on shooting 1500+ yards when I get back, but I have no means of ranging that far with a LRF. My current LRF is a Leica...