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  1. atomic41

    America after Trump

    Yes or Dan Crenshaw
  2. atomic41

    Fat lt col vindmans looking for a new job

    His twin brother is the one who "leaked" the details of Bolton's book, he was the one in charge of reviewing it for classified materials.
  3. atomic41

    Get better, Rush!

    Like him or not, you can't deny that he has done a lot of good and is a strong voice for liberty. Hope he pulls through this ok, we still need the guy to do his thing.
  4. atomic41

    2019 stuff...

    That beehive fluting is insane!
  5. atomic41

    American Rifle Company New Archimedes Action, New Xylo Chassis, and major Mausingfield revision

    This video helps me "get" the aesthetics. There was something about the pics of the bare chassis that was not doing it for me but seeing it with a barreled action now it all makes sense. Also, seeing how those adjustments are made is awesome. I'm not a fan of the wood grip and I'm sure I'm...
  6. atomic41

    New PSA JAKL 5.56 & 300blk!

    This looks awesome!
  7. atomic41

    DIY Snowshoes

    Yeah for sure, PVC will shatter in the cold.
  8. atomic41

    Gun Turn-in in Austin, Texas This guy was in line in front of me. The officers running the program that day thought it was hilarious, they pretty much high fived him. They were mocking the entire idiotic program while they were running it...
  9. atomic41

    PSA'S 2020 AK line up!

    Yeah I was thinking for the price it's a low risk. It's so dang cheap it's kind of a no brainer, I've got a feeling they are going to sell a ton of them.
  10. atomic41

    Warren more frightening than ever

    Yeah it's definitely on the way to happening already. They probably don't have enough shenanigans to throw 2020, but going forward it's looking like we are screwed. After 2020, CA and a handful of 3rd world shithole cities will rule the USA.
  11. atomic41

    My mama passed tonight

    Sorry for your loss. RIP
  12. atomic41


    Yup...just like a bad soap opera. He has a twin brother! :ROFLMAO:
  13. atomic41

    Trolling the Grammys

    She looked better in the MAGA dress last year.
  14. atomic41

    KRG New Products 2020 official...

    Nice work KRG...killin it! I've got a barreled action looking for a new home, the new X-Ray is lookin' cozy!
  15. atomic41

    Anybody else hate the gym?

    Yes, hate the gym. I hate it so much it was killing my motivation and after many years of going 5x a week, I got to where I was only going 1-2x and the whole time I was there I was just angry LOL. The people, time wasted commuting, and cost finally got to me. So I built a home gym and I'm happy...
  16. atomic41

    PSA'S 2020 AK line up!

    Great video as always. PSA is killin it! Saw another vid where they showed the Glock, the Jakl which looks awesome, and my future gun the MP5...patiently waiting. :p
  17. atomic41

    Trump 2020

    Yes make sure everyone actually votes. It's critical to overcome the massive voter fraud the left will be doing.
  18. atomic41

    Oh No You Didn't, Whitey

    Worked for- Elizabeth Warren Rachel Dolezal Shaun King Jadu the Indian on the horse in the old pollution commercials So why not? I'm on board!
  19. atomic41

    Which mags to run with nucleus & MPA

    Nucleus in a Bravo, 6.5C, running Magpul flawlessly.
  20. atomic41

    Shot Show 2020 Thread!!!

    Can someone stop by PSA and get an update on the MP5 project? 👍