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  1. kthomas

    Lilja versus bartlein barrels

    Both great brands. Krieger has been one of my favorite brands as of late. But I'll agree that Bartlein and Brux are excellent barrels, along with Benchmark and Hawkhill.
  2. kthomas

    AR15 Suppressor - Q Plan B capability

    That's excellent news. KAC makes a quality product, I have more faith that they would design an ar15 in such a way that it would function reliably in multiple different conditions and configurations. I love my KAC carbine. Wish I could afford to pair it with a KAC suppressor.
  3. kthomas

    Painting jallen

    Be curious to hear what you find out. I know that JAE sent the chassis' in more of a stripped down form for Custom Gun Coatings to paint them, as it's not super straight forward from what I understand. If you are looking for someone to paint your JAE chassis, Branden at Custom Gun Coatings...
  4. kthomas

    GAP Tempest or Ultimatum Deadline

    Sounds like you are not getting enough sear engagement with the top sear on the trigger. Even with supposedly the correct parts, there's always some tolerance stacking at play which can make what supposedly should function fine to something that is not 100% reliable. These are the joys of...
  5. kthomas

    AR15 Suppressor - Q Plan B capability

    Those YHM's seem to punch way above their weight class. Lots of value there, which for me is important, especially since I will be going on a "career transition" soon.
  6. kthomas

    AR15 Suppressor - Q Plan B capability

    I figured I would have to go adjustable gas block, haven't looked much into the adjustable gas carriers, I'll do some reading up on those as well. I'll shoot the rifles first without making any upgrades and see how it is to shoot. But I fully plan on having to make some modifications, at least...
  7. kthomas

    AR15 Suppressor - Q Plan B capability

    I've already invested in the Q Plan B system with cherry bombs, so I guess that's the mount I'll be sticking with. Would love to have a KAC suppressor for the KAC rifle - it already has a triple tap brake so I'm already setup to accept the NT4 suppressor. However, I don't have disposable cash...
  8. kthomas

    AR15 Suppressor - Q Plan B capability

    That seems like a really nice suppressor, I'm definitely intrigued.
  9. kthomas

    Lightweight 300PRC build from Black Canyon Customs

    Is it the same Fritz from Mile High? Or a different one?
  10. kthomas

    AR15 Suppressor - Q Plan B capability

    The TDS Bantam II seems like an awesome can that I also considered, but seeing as it's direct thread, it would be much better on a dedicated rifle that will only be shot suppressed then a can that can be shared amongst rifles. Impressive stats on it though.
  11. kthomas

    AR15 Suppressor - Q Plan B capability

    In the near future I'll be picking up a suppressor dedicated to ar15's to compliment the Omega the wife and I have which will be converted to Q's Plan B mounting system. I am completely new to suppressing ar15's, and wondering what people's thoughts are on the below suppressors that can take...
  12. kthomas

    Divide Gun Company

    Looks like a Defiance Deviant Ultralight action
  13. kthomas

    Here's what little Hitler thinks of middle america

    Because people here want an America where personal rights are respected and guaranteed, no matter what your thoughts, beliefs and political affiliations are. We don't want an America where one side gets rights and the other doesn't, just because they believe something that's opposed to our...
  14. kthomas

    VA Senate Tables AW and Suppressor Ban

    I'm really happy for you guys that it didn't pass, but as others have mentioned, the work is just starting. If pressure is eased up on the Dems now, who knows what sneaky shit they'll do to get it passed.
  15. kthomas

    .243 for PRS type comps

    Tagging in @Rob01, he has a lot of match experience using .243.
  16. kthomas

    Picking a Reticle, what is your favorite?

    Depends on the purpose. For a PRS/NRL/general purpose use, I really like the SKMR3. A reticle similar to that would be my choice for these disciplines. For ELR, the AMR reticle is about perfect, IMO. I can't believe this reticle never really caught on. It's a perfect match for my .300NM. From...
  17. kthomas

    Sharing Suppressor between Bolt Gun and ar15?

    I bought the 1/2x28 cherry bombs on backorder on Impact Guns. Never bought from them before. Couldn't find the 1/2x28 in stock anywhere. I hope they beat me home, they have until April to get there. I was looking at the Hansohn Brothers DT mount - looks nice. If I was swapping the suppressor...
  18. kthomas

    Sharing Suppressor between Bolt Gun and ar15?

    The Area 419 system seems to be a smart way to go, especially if your focus is precision rifles and you also want the ability to shoot with a good muzzle brake. I decided against it as the bolt gun was going to be shot 100% suppressed, and I didn't want/need expensive muzzle brakes on the...
  19. kthomas

    Sharing Suppressor between Bolt Gun and ar15?

    That seems like another really well thought out system, and I understand that everyone that has that system loves it.
  20. kthomas

    Sharing Suppressor between Bolt Gun and ar15?

    I decided to pull the trigger on the Q plan B and some Cherry Bomb muzzle devices for the wife's bolt gun and a couple of ar15's. While I'm not a huge fan of the owner of Q, the Plan B coupled with Cherry Bombs seemed to be the most elegant and simplistic solution for what I'm trying to...