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  1. Soulezoo

    NFL 2019 thread

    I didn't see a thread started... so, I am not an Indy Colts fan but am shocked at the sudden retirement of Luck. Colts were primed to make some noise this year.
  2. Soulezoo

    California's magazine ban ruled unconstitutional

    This is breaking and I don't have the link at hand, but a Southern California judge ruled that the California ban on magazines holding more than 10 rounds to be unconstitutional. Of course, this will be appealed to the 9th circus where the outcome is doubtful. But here we are. There remains...
  3. Soulezoo

    Bourbon Hootenanny

    Hi Gentlemen, Today is a good day indeed. My BTAC order arrived today and I got a bottle of Blanton's for good measure. My liver just burped. What are you all drinking this weekend?
  4. Soulezoo

    What constitues a tier one scope vs tier two and etc?

    Ok, the suggestion from the ZCO update was to start a thread to discuss what is a tier one scope and what is not? I really have no dog in this fight as I think it gets subjective as you narrow it down. TT for instance may be labeled tier 1A. With Hensoldt perhaps? Perhaps not. Cost alone...
  5. Soulezoo

    Kevad68 is gtg

    I bought his 850 pics of brass. Transaction was fast and smooth with the whole deal completed in four days. Couldn't ask for better.
  6. Soulezoo

    Uafgrad is gtg

    Got a magnetospeed from him. Transaction was perfect by every measure. Photos of shipped product and a photo confirming receipt of payment. Would absolutely do business with him again.
  7. Soulezoo

    Howdy CA

    Retired USAF, I have been lurking here for years, finally spending enough time here to join. Need to brush up my skills pending a move to our place in WY where I can actually shoot beyond 500.