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  1. Defiance7mm

    Sold.... FS Vortex PST2 5-25 Mil

    Selling a lightly used Vortex PST2 5z25x50 mil/mil scope. Comes with Seekins low rings and a Vortex bubble level. $850 Shipped PayPal F&F
  2. Defiance7mm

    WTT For Revic PMR 428 MIL RX1

    Looking for a Revic PMR 428 MIL RX1. I have a used but in good condition Gen 2 Razor 4.5-27x56 with EBR-2C plus $ on my end.
  3. Defiance7mm

    SOLD. FS Spuhr SP-4601

    Selling a Spuhr SP-4601 $310 Shipped. PayPal F&F OBO
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    Keeping, please delete

    Looking to trade, but may sell too. Looking to trade my SP-4601 for a SP-4616. Let me know of your interested. $335 Shipped
  6. Defiance7mm

    SOLD Rock River LAR15 Operator

    Specifications: Caliber: 5.56mm NATO Chamber for 5.56 and .223 Barrel Length: 16" Overall Length: 37" Lower Receiver: Forged RRA LAR-15 Upper Receiver: Forged A4 Barrel: Chrome Moly Twist: 1:9 Muzzle Device: RRA Tactical Muzzle Brake Thread: 1/2-28 Gas Block: RRA Flip Front Sight Trigger: RRA...
  7. Defiance7mm

    6mm Ruger Precision Rifle $750 Shipped

    Selling my Ruger Precision Rifle to fund a new AR build. Barrel: 26in Rock Creek 8 twist 5/8x24 threads chambered in .243 for the 115 Dtac's Action: Ruger Precision short action with Badger bolt knob, aluminum bolt shroud Stock: Magpul PRS Gen 2 Handgaurd: DEZ and or Paper City Muzzle device...
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    SOLD Delete

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    SOLD Delete

  12. Defiance7mm

    2 Atlas BT10 1913 Picatinny 4.75-9" Bipods

    Have 2 Atlas BT10' for Picatinny rail. Will sell both for $300 shipped or $175 each shipped. Payment through PayPal F/F
  13. Defiance7mm

    Want to Buy Curtis Vector/Axiom short action magnum bolt

    Just what the title says... Looking for a SA Mag bolt for a Vector/Axiom Thanks!
  14. Defiance7mm

    RCBS Rock Chucker

    Tossing around selling my RCBS press. What you see is what you get. $160 shipped
  15. Defiance7mm

    Hog Saddle style rifle clamp

    It's made by Freedom Gunworks. Works like a hog or pig saddle. $100 shipped. PayPal F&F
  16. Defiance7mm

    FS Hornady 7mm 162 ELDM

    I have 285... 2 sealed boxes and 1 opened with 85 in it. $60 shipped
  17. Defiance7mm

    SOLD 300 Norma RCBS Gold Medal Match Die Set

    SOLD. Selling a very lightly used set of 300 Norma dies. Have 2 bushings and the shell holder. $115 shipped to your door
  18. Defiance7mm

    FS Sig Kilo 2000 Range Finder

    I have a Sig Kilo 2000 range finder that I dont use anymore so I've decided to sell it. Great condition glass is clear and no scratches. $275 shipped