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  1. Steel head

    Savage action PSA

    After about 10,000 rounds my model 11 had tragic ejection and occasional extraction issues. I had tried to clean thing up, stretch a spring and install a larger detent ball That kinda helped but ejection was 25% at best and that’s being Optimistic. That action basically was a barrel and lugs...
  2. Steel head

    Things you want to improve in 2020

    2019 was an excellent year for me in the shooting department. I’m shootin well and have my rifles set up nicely. The two things I want to improve. 1-using reticle holds only just for practice. I’ve already implemented that with my 260 with an older scope with a H-25 reticle in it that I...
  3. Steel head

    Happy place in the forest today.

    Saw plenty of elk Hit steel at ranges of 325 to 1810. kinda chilly in the morning but watching a sunrise in the mountains is always awesome. Gotsome brand new shooters from England in the 1000 yard club with my trusty 260. My 7 saum was a hammer at the furthest plate. a chilly 775 yards...
  4. Steel head

    It’s getting bad!
  5. Steel head

    The simple things.

    I’ve used a modified Saturn powder funne for years that I made to work for 223 and 260 but it obviously wasn’t optimal for my new 7mm needs. For Christmas I bought a Area 419 powder with a 7mm bushing. Yea,,,,kinda expensive for a simple funnel but hot damn! It works! Fits the case necks...
  6. Steel head

    I fixed my crappy savage!

    Ejection has been super lame lately. Added a bigger ball under the extractor and that helped but it was just a better level of lame. Did a few searches here and someone long long ago used an AR spring cut down as a replacement. Made one and cleaned up the ejector and hole. Put it all together...
  7. Steel head

    Chicago bulls fans,,this is for you.

  8. Steel head

    My precious Winchester 260 brass is dying!

    :( Had a few primers fall out on firing today. This is with an absolutely sane load. They were kinda sketchy loose on loading. I’ll have to check my notes but it was on it’s 39th firing and that lot killed two barrels already. Got my moneys worth! I should probably check my bolt face...
  9. Steel head

    Thanksgiving greatness.

  10. Steel head

    I have sinned please forgive me!

    I’m shootin a SFP MOA scope today with not so hot glass. My old Vortex HS-T 6x24. But at least I’m not rocking a recoil reducing Bipod!
  11. Steel head

    Oooofff! Disaster averted!

    Glad I looked closely. Almost loaded 60+ grains of R16 instead of R26 in my 7 saum. Only had to dump 15 of them.
  12. Steel head

    Elite iron bipod choices.

    I’m considering buying one for myself as a Christmas present. Is the aluminum version even worth considering if I’m lot concerned with weight?
  13. Steel head

    I need to put my savage back in a chassis!

    For shats n giggles I put in my old Choat tactical. I’m so used to my XLR elements I didn’t like it at all! It did shoot ok but I just couldn’t get comfy. I do have a savage element so I’m good there. Interesting experiment and it brought back memories of where it all started.
  14. Steel head

    Bathing in religion.
  15. Steel head

    Ok. This is getting out of control!
  16. Steel head

    Dale Earnhardt crashes, survived and pokes bear This was a dangerous move though!
  17. Steel head

    260 at a mile today.

    40 rounds of my new R16 load. Had to adjust a lot for changing winds but I got some good notes on wind calls today. 1791 yards at a 24”x24” plate. Letting barrel cool a bit Plate took a beating. Here’s a video I did at my 1125 yard spot to show recoil to a buddy.
  18. Steel head

    International cat day!

  19. Steel head

    Collet Chuck lathe and chambering barrel.

    Is it possible? Hardinge lathe. I can easily make a spider for the other end but can’t think of a idea to indicate to concentric on the collet end. I don’t want to invest in a chuck and backplate as it’s not my lathe. I understand the diameter limitations but I’d do a savage type pre fit.
  20. Steel head

    Wheres-Waldo is GTG

    Shipped fast and item was exactly as posted.