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    Kestrel 4DOF wind direction question

    I was shooting the Sporting Rifle Match at Raton last weekend, which prompts this question. If you've ever shot there, you know certain firing positions are completely surrounded by trees, so the wind can be howling downrange, but you'll never be able to get wind speed at the firing line. You'll...
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    Barnes 6.5 145 grain Match Burner

    A buddy just picked them up off a prize table. G7 of 0.350 (G1 of 0.703) looks intriguing. I've shot a lot of their 140 and 112 Match Burners with great success, and their price point can't be beat! Look for a release date inn 2020
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    Shout out to Mile High Shooting!

    I've bought a few things from them over the years. Mostly things like Nightforce rings, Berger 105 Hybrids, etc., but I bought a used AX short action recently (edit: not from MHSA, just to be clear) and it went down during a match. Seems the previous owner attempted to adjust the trigger, turned...
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    Vitali1342 is GTG

    @Vitali1342 was a pleasure to deal with. Fast payment, excellent comms! Thanks again and enjoy the scope!
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    SOLD - S&B PMII 5-25 Gen2XR

    Up for sale is a gently used Schmidt and Bender PMII in Pantone with the Gen2XR reticle. It's in like new condition. No scratches, no marks, no defects. The glass is incredible and the tracking is excellent. The only reason I'm selling is I recently bought a Tangent Theta 5-25 and a 7-35 ATACR...
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    Tangent Theta tool less zero question

    So, I finally bit the bullet and ordered a TT525P, so I have what is probably a very simple question/questions about the tool-less rezero and zero stop. 1. I understand setting zero is as simple as zeroing, unlocking the turret, setting the turret back to 0, and tightening down the turret lock...
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    Proof Research steel barrel for AI

    I'm able to buy a new Proof Research prefit steel barrel for my AI AX short action for under $500. Specs are it comes threaded 5/8×24, 24" barrel, chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor. I know a lot of guys rave about their carbon wrapped barrels, but I haven't seen much talk about their all-steel barrels...
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    WTB Giraud 6XC case holder

    If anyone has they'd like to part with, let me know! Someone was selling one on here recently, but I was too late.
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    Accuracy International AX short action bolt question

    I recently picked up an AX short action with the large firing pin. While I haven't tried it with a small primer load, in the event the large firing pin doesn't work properly, what are my options? Buy a new bolt assembly? If I buy a new bolt, do I need to be concerned with headspace or is it like...
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    FS - Hornady Match 0.269 bushing

    Brand new in the package. I couldn't find mine, and sure as hell, as soon as I ordered a replacement, I found mine. These work in any die that can use Redding bushings. I think Forster is the only one that uses proprietary bushings, so this should work in any other die. $17 shipped
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    WTS-6.5CM, AIAX, Timney, Krieger

    Up for sale is a gently used Remington 700 action that was trued by Mason at Northwest Action Works. Mason also pulled the factory barrel and replaced it with a 24" Krieger MTU profile he chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor and threaded the muzzle 5/8x24. I also had the bolt knob replaced, not just...
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    WTB Spuhr SP-4002

    Before I go buy a brand new one, I figured I'd see if anyone has one they want to part with. Only interested in the 4002. I need the 1.5" height. Thanks, all!
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    SOLD RRS DTA SRS dovetail plate

    Have a Desert Tech SRS and are looking for the easiest and most stable way to mount it to a tripod? Look no further! The Really Right Stuff dovetail plate will lock into a leveling base that has a dovetail clamp and give you arguably the most steady platform you'll ever find! RRS sells these for...
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    Gap between shoulder and suppressor

    I have a barrel for my Desert Tech where the shoulder at the threaded muzzle appears to have been recessed just a hair too much, leaving me with a very small gap between the shoulder and my direct thread suppressor. Is this a huge issue or is it irrelevant as long as the suppressor is tight? If...
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    White House petition to prevent the ban of suppressors

    Not my petition, but I definitely signed it. Share this petition everywhere you can!
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    Molle compatible straps for cinching down a tripod to your ruck?

    I'm looking for a way to attach my tripod to my rucksack so I can carry it easily during matches. I saw a set of straps that I'm looking for (picture for reference) Basically, clip the ends to the Molle tabs at the top and bottom of the ruck, slide two of the tripod legs between the ruck and...
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    Hillbilly Sniper is GTG

    @HillBilly_Sniper is great to deal with! He bought a rangefinder from me and his communication is excellent! I wouldn't hesitate to deal with him again. Thank you, Joe!!
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    Any MagnetoSpeed mounts with pic and dovetail?

    Does anyone make a mount with a user changeable base? I've just been strapping the MagnetoSpeed to my suppressor for years because I haven't found a bracket or mount that can go from dovetail to picatinny, but if there's one out there, I'd love to pick one up
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    FS LNIB Leica 2000B w/ tripod mount

    Up for sale is a LNIB Leica 2000B rangefinder with a dovetail/Arca tripod mount. The mount also has a 1/4x20 threaded brass insert, if that's how you wanna roll. I bought this just under a year ago from EuroOptic. I'll post pics as soon as I get home later. $325 shipped. Here are the pics...