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  1. Sako man

    WTB SRS A1 338 Barrel

    Just need a barrel, looking for something with low round count.
  2. Sako man

    WTB Desert Tech mag

    SRS A1/2 SA magazine, looking for one in good shape, will pay fair market value. Thanks Sako
  3. Sako man

    Mark 5 5-25 Observation's

    Tell me if I'm smoking some crack but I looked through a Mark 5 5-25 and the glass was amazingly clear and bright, I was impressed and thinking it was on a similar level as my SnB 5-25, or is this just crazy talk? I know the thread and concept is completely subjective. I think we are talking...
  4. Sako man

    WTS New Larue 308 AR 18"

    Hello fellow Hiders. I have a complete "New" Pristine Larue 308 up for grabs. Took it to sight in at the range and put two boxes of 168 FGMM through it, so only sight in. Super clean and not a scratch on her. Everything looks sparkling new on her. I have about $2k invested into just the rifle...
  5. Sako man

    WTS New AT/AX 26" 260 Barrel

    .260 Remington barrel from Eurooptic Brand new, never fired. Fits AT/AX short action chassis. Action wrench not for sale. Shipped insured lower 48 $475.00 I have sold a lot of times here with %100...
  6. Sako man

    No longer for sale.

    For sale, the best rifle I have ever owned. It's the most accurate and sexiest by far. I can't go to a range without people coming up and asking me about it. People have offed me their first born for it. Every pull of the trigger womens bra's come undone. Yes, it's that magical! I have...
  7. Sako man

    AIAX pricing question

    Greetings all. Need some feedback. I have a really nice Pre 2014 AIAX folder in Ceracoat RAL8000, rifle is currently configured in 308 26" barrel with around 450-500 rounds down the pipe. Then an extra new 260 barrel. Gun shoots literally though the same hole with 175 or 168, most accurate rifle...
  8. Sako man

    Reloading data for Tikka Tac A1

    Hi People, any idea where I can get some load data for 139 grain Scenars or 142 SMKs for my Tikka Tac A1? Looking around and don't see any threads. Posted in the Tikka thread as well. Thanks in advance and apologize for double post. Sako.
  9. Sako man

    Athlon Cronus BTR - Mil 4.5-29x56

    Pretty much unused, took it out once. Looking for something with less magnification. No scratches, no ring marks, though there were but cleaned off so optic is pristine. Fantastic optic for the money, clear bright optics, glass is perfect. I should really keep it as it's so good but have another...
  10. Sako man

    Optic for big gas gun

    Ok, heres the story. Have a SCAR H that shoots amazing. Had a few optics on it that it loves to eat, it ate my NF F1 3-16, it also ate my leupold CQBSS. Anyone have any thoughts on a good big gas gun optic that has up to 8 or 10x preferably. Something sturdy. Thoughts, opinions all...
  11. Sako man

    Sig Sauer KILO2200MR Laser Rangefinders

    Pretty much new, works great! You won't be disappointed. Not a scratch. Original box, manual, everything included. If you can find a Sig Kilo 2200 MR any cheaper then buy it, because this is a killer smoking deal! $375 shipped, sorry...
  12. Sako man

    Big objective on flat top receiver

    Ok, here's the question. I have a optic with a 56mm Objective and trying to mount it on a big AR gas gun, I would like to have 20moa so that makes things even more complex. So what mount does the crowd recommend? Any advise appreciated.
  13. Sako man

    I'm impressed thus far

    Athlon Cronus BTR G1: Just got my used Athlon Cronus BTR, thank you nice SH seller! I will spare you the verbose review, but first state that I have spent one billion dollars on optics over the years. If this BTR tracks and is mechanically as sound as the glass is nice, then this optic is a...
  14. Sako man

    Nightforce f1 4-16x42 mil-r ATACR

    No longer for sale. ATACR CCW F1 4-16x42 MIL-R reticle. Nearly new, glass is perfect. All box, LIFETIME warranty card, not a scratch. Can't tell if there is light ring marks, if there are they are super light to the point I can't really make them out, that might be my eyesight. If you know...
  15. Sako man

    Any tips for reloading for big gasser?

    I have an 18" AR10 that I would like to reload for. Going with 175SMK's and some OTM's. I am pretty sure I do not want them too hot. Are there any good standard loads that I could start with? Thanks Sako
  16. Sako man

    Shooting in Cali!

    This is what it's like to shoot long distance in California. I know our state sucks for a lot of the 2A but it's nice for some things. My friend did a great job with the camera work on the drone. Keep in mind this is more fluff and cinematic than informational. I apologize in advance for the end...
  17. Sako man

    Larue Big Ultimate Upper, going the distance!

    Buddy busted the drone out and shot some really nice stuff. The Larue really performed, took it out to 600 and 850 no problem. Keep in mind this is more fluff and cinematic than informational. I apologize for my wonky dance moves in advance. ;) Enjoy!
  18. Sako man

    Social Justice Weeeeee!

    Gota say I really like listening to this guy.
  19. Sako man

    France, this could be us?

    This may be what's in store for us? Not to be alarmist but there are some very compelling points made here.
  20. Sako man

    The dangers of Social Media revealed

    Great video, I can listen to this guy for hours. I think that a big problem with our country and the division we suffer is attributed to Social Media.