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  1. atombomb

    Spf : TacOps drag bag

    these are great, high quality drag bags with tons of features... good price too
  2. atombomb

    Sig Kilo 2400 ABS

    like new in the box, decided I want a Raptar or ATilla instead, complete kit and the box $900 or trade towards the upgrade.
  3. atombomb

    Borescope cleanout

    I have a few borescopes and realized I only need one now... all have the straight viewer and angle view tubes, and 2 have the 90 degree eyepiece, I have several of the Hawkeye maglites, 1 Nova light, and one regular maglite with the Hawkeye adapter, one older case that holds the 90 degree...
  4. atombomb


    what's the FOM? should be on the data tag
  5. atombomb

    WTS: UTC Bae Oasys Thermal Clip On

    Is there paperwork or some kind of transfer through BAE you have to do with these?
  6. atombomb

    AXMC with two barrels and bolt faces - 300 Norma and 6.5 Creedmoor

    At that price he should have bought your lunch 😁
  7. atombomb

    Desert Tech SRSA1 Chassis w/ RRS + HRD ARCA $2000

    I’m interested in the barrels if you split it up
  8. atombomb

    FS:Hawkeye Borescope

    Great price with the eyepiece
  9. atombomb

    Bruel & Kjaer 2209 Impulse dB Meter - YOU can be just as COOL as TBACRAY !!!! REDUCED

    I’m not sure why I want this, ... great sales pitch... it’s def a cool toy
  10. atombomb

    Vortex Doubler brand new

    Tag, need to see what model my monocular is
  11. atombomb

    DTA SRS covert system, lots of stuff

    and I'll take a short action mag... PP sent
  12. atombomb

    WOW - smoking good deal!!!!

    and you too @Tucker301
  13. atombomb

    WTB/wtt 9mm

    AR or Pistol?
  14. atombomb

    DTA SRS covert system, lots of stuff

    I think between both of us, we have it all covered