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  1. brt1963

    Spuhr ?s - rings or mount, and what size?

    Need some advice on mounting up a new Steiner 5-25x56 MSR on a Sig SSG3000 (which comes with picatinny rail). I'm in CT, so no need for 20 MOA built in, we have no 1,000 yard ranges. Best I'll see is 400, unless I occasionally go up to SigAcademy or out west for a class. I like the Spuhr...
  2. brt1963

    Don't be jealous of my EDC

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  3. brt1963

    nosler 168 gr .308 match ammo?

    anyone have an opinion on this factory ammo? Wondering if this good to stock up on... currently buy one, get one free from Nosler, with free shipping > $150 orders. At $29.30 per box, that works out to $14.65 per box at their deal.
  4. brt1963

    newly complete Argy/DSA FAL

    I know, it is not a "precision" rifle, but I'm happy all the same. The story is, back in 1994, shortly after the Clinton AWB passed, my local fun shop has several Argy (FMAP) barreled uppers for sale. new chrome lined barrel, no flash hider, just a crowned nub. of course, I bought one. Then...
  5. brt1963

    new TRG22 - 20" or 26" barrel???

    So I have been very seriously considering getting a TRG22 for the past few years. Mostly just want a very high quality bolt action .308, and like the blend of adjustability and out of the box quality for the $$$. I know I could probably go Savage, or M700, and achieve the same ends - but I've...
  6. brt1963

    Rem 700 "Target-Tactical" @ $1499 at Cabela's

    I've kinda liked this look since seeing it come out. Price was crazy, but Cabela's flyer just came is with them on sale for $1499. I like the adjustable stock (to fit my 38" arms - I'm 6'8"), and the 5-R barrel has good reports. Comes with a nice chunky bolt knob already installed. I've seen...