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  1. Nomad909

    WTB Bulk .308 projectiles...

    Looking for large quantities of .308 projectiles. Prefer 1000+ 175 SMK 168 ELDM 168 HPBT MATCH HORNADY ECT.... all offers welcome!
  2. Nomad909

    338 lapua vs 338 AI... need educated opinions!

    SH members, I need some help. I was fortunate enough to pick up a certificate for accurate ordinance and the team down there has been nothing but patient and awesome to work with. Here's my intentions: I'm using a stiller tac 338 action in an xlr chassis. Weight is zero issue and I dont care...
  3. Nomad909

    WTB defiance. 308 bf action..

    Looking for a standard defiance. .308 bf dlc or slick coating is a plus but I'm not picky. Looking for a decent deal, this is going on a .308 trainer rifle. If you message me please send a picture and price. Thanks in advance.
  4. Nomad909

    WTB/want to rent 338 AI reamer

    Looking to rent or purchase 338 AI reamers.. If you have a contact for solid rentals plz let me know. Thanks SH
  5. Nomad909

    WTS: SB PMII 5-25 pantone, gen 2XR

    Hey guys, hate to let this go but I'm moving tonall H59s so this has got to go.. Asking $2650 shipped mount not Perfect condition, went to SB about six months ago for a check up, everythings excellent. Schmidt Bender PMII Riflescope 5-25x56, L/P MTC LT, Gen 2XR FFP, 34mm, MRAD, CCW Turrets...
  6. Nomad909

    WTS: Manners T4A Elite w/ Ingenuity rail

    Like new condition, beautiful craftsmanship but I'm a chassis guy.... Asking $1300 shipped OBO Manners T4A Elite Tactical Stock w/ Gen 2 Mini Chasis. Ingenuity Gunworks Adjustarail was inletted by Manners. Color is Midnight. There was a monopod mounted but it's almost unnoticeable, see the...
  7. Nomad909

    WTB accurate WSM mags...

    I'll be using a 6.5 prc this hunting season, looking at the accurate WSM mags. I believe they come in 3 and 7 rds mags. Message or comment me with any offers and price plz. Also if someone has a good alternative, I'm all ears!
  8. Nomad909

    WTB quality tripod

    Title says it. Looks for a solid tripod, open to hear all offers. Ball heads and accessories as well, be nice to get a complete system >RRS >leofoto ECT... If you send you pics or offers of your tripods and accessories plz include a price, appreciate it!
  9. Nomad909

    WTB hunting rifle: 28 nosler, 7LRM, 6.5 prc ect..

    Have a hunt coming up and I'm quickly running out of time. Looking to buy someone's rifle/ BA with a low round count and preferably an already worked up load. Realoding components with it is a plus. Any extremely capable caliber or very high BC caliber is what I'm looking for. I'm not on a...
  10. Nomad909

    WTB 300 WM reloading components

    Looking for: Brass high quality, lapua, norma, ect.. Dies.. also fair to high quality Projectiles: high bc bullets. 215g berger, 190 VLD ect.. Thanks for looking. All inquiries welcome!!
  11. Nomad909


    Title says it all. All necessary info should be here and in the pics. Both track perfectly as expected. Really love the kahles just can't get used to the opposite controls. Both have been safe queens, the schmidt has a very small nick on the turret. It's in the pics. Both come in the boxes...
  12. Nomad909

    WTB kestrel...

    I need a back up one, not looking to spend a bunch Looking for one that can do DA: 3500, 4000, 4500NV, 5500 ect... No ballistic software necessary
  13. Nomad909

    WTB 338 Lapua action

    Title says it, have a CIP length chassis and a rebarrel cert lying around.. Looking for r700 338 action Stiller tac 338 Kelblys 338 ect...
  14. Nomad909

    WTB 223 AI savage prefit (bighorn, nucleus ect)

    Looking to try a 223 AI prefit.. Appreciate the look
  15. Nomad909

    WTT XLR Tactical buttstock for XLR TacLite...

    Title says it. I have 2 "tactical" XLR buttstocks and I'd like to make a straight trade for the taclite version just to be clear the pic above is the one of the ones I have....this is the one I'm looking to trade for. Technically mine is the more expensive one out of the 2 so I'm hoping I can...
  16. Nomad909

    WTB magnetospeed V3

    Title says it all, let me know plz
  17. Nomad909

    WTB .308 FGMM brass

    Or any other "quality" cheap brass Looking for large lots, 500+ May be into some factory loaded cases for the right price..
  18. Nomad909

    HELP! removing a "skim" bed/bedding

    Bought this here, the level of damage amd the fact that it wasnt useable at all was not articulated properly.. I'm suck with it now, what do I do? How can you remove bedding like this from an aluminum chassis? Anyone have experience with this?? Thanks everyone
  19. Nomad909


    Looking for a folding MPA chassis, AI chassis, KRG ect... just looking for a change Would prefer arca rail and spigot with it. Have an XLR envy for possible trade, let me know!
  20. Nomad909

    WTB KRG NVG mount...

    Looking for an NVG mount that goes on the KRG spigot Appreciate it brothers