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    Epstein's warden gets new cushy supervisory job

    Fuck Epstein, I would have helped by standing on his throat....after the trial of course. I hope they find the rest of the sickos in his inner circle.
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    The OFFICIAL 'Wuhan' Coronavirus outbreak information and tracking thread. Precautions and what you need to know.

    We thought we had a case here in AZ. Luckily we were able to run real time PCR and rule it out. Lady had the worse case of dehydration and salmonella they had ever seen. Everyone be safe out there. Wash your fucking hands!
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    Virginia House Committee Pass more Laws

    Is this like Obamacare? It’s wrong, everyone knows it’s wrong but they will go along with it because they are forced to. Maybe years later the courts will overturn it and no one will be compensated? Or will this be like prohibition?
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    Virginia House Committee Pass more Laws

    Well I live AZ so the legislators in VA can EAT MY ASS!
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    Thanks folks (not a forum suicide lol)

    Our family is praying for your quick recovery as well. Fight the good fight.
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    Who still owns their first gun?

    Still have my 22lr my dad bought me when I was 10. He got it at KMart. I’ll never part w it.
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    Anybody else hate the gym?

    My bike is a fun workout. I have a road bike but it felt more like punishment. I didn’t like 100psi tires, ultralight stiff saddle and long boring rides almost getting killed by every car that passes. I know they were not that close but it doesn’t feel safe to me. I still ride the roadie but...
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    Anybody else hate the gym?

    I hate the gym too. Here is a list of things I like that are also exercise but not in a gym. -fucking, it’s like cardio. -skateboarding, it’s also like cardio -rock Climbing, the worse you are, the better the workout. -bike riding, it’s like cardio -playing w my kids, it’s also like...
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    WTF is wrong with people?

    This has been played over and over again by every local news here in Phoenix. It hurts my heart. First I just changed the channel. Now I turn off the TV. We have little ones and I don’t need them seeing this. Mothers are supposed to love their babies. Idk how this happens. It’s heartbreaking.
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    22 creedmoor

    Just got my rifle back from cerakote. Can’t wait to go hunting! Really appreciate all the knowledge in this thread.
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    Y'all ever just sit down and listen to Malcom X?

    Much respect to Malcom. He knew a fight was necessary to change things.
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    After most rally’s there is always trash/litter everywhere. 2A people are respectful. I actually saw people with trash bags picking up trash. That’s a huge takeaway. Not the best pic but guy in the center w the beanie.
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    Link crashes site
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    Spotted this guy w a shotgun and a TNP hat. He understands how to choose the right weapon for his situation. Reminds me of that Bill Burr joke. Got a good spread.
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    Who is live streaming from Richmond Va. Rally today ?

    Not easy to find but here is one. Google and FB are burying the lead on this one.
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    Virginia Gun Control Updates

    Live stream.
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    A Few Notes on Prying Eyes

    Agreed. Some people don’t understand the consequences of an EMP.
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    Hello from Surprise, Arizona

    We certainly are spoiled our west with lots of public land to shoot. If you head west on Patton Rd (off the 60) there are some really great long range areas.
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    Hawke Scopes

    I use them on my pellet rifles. Great scopes for that. Also use one on my kiddo’s 22lr. They are the Sidewinder line from a few years back.