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    SOLD POF P308 Gen4 $1350

    If it shoots like a Gen 1, that's a deal for what your getting.
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    SOLD WTS Aero AR10

    Is the upper the enhanced version?
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    Form 1, building a precision rifle suppressor

    I think what I have read titanium is hard to machine. To do a good job your going to need a lot of equipment, time, and skills. I think others will agree that no, you cannot do a good job with a solvent trap. Once you handle a well made can its clear why.
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    CQB or SUT class.

    Thanks for the post. I knew I would get flamed for the post but I was curious. There is no way for a person such as myself with basically 0 experience to know if the material he or she is being taught is trash or not. Some people on the forum do really know what is going on and which schools...
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    CQB or SUT class.

    See this is exact shit I’m trying to avoid....what is that abomination?
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    CQB or SUT class.

    Thanks for the replies. Definitely helps! You don’t know what you don’t know. I now have a place to start. Don’t worry no fatties @TheGerman LOL
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    CQB or SUT class.

    Hahaha. Take it easy fellas. When I said "Intense," I meant like I don't want to go to airsoft school. How is training life like if it isn't physically stressful, realistic and taught by actual professionals? The army obligation is going to be medical once I finish my doctorate. My friends...
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    Any runners in the hide?

    I ran cross country in College. Replace your shoes often and step your training.
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    CQB or SUT class.

    So my friends and I are interested in taking classes on both these skills for fun. If we pay, and travel we will be taking it seriously and want to find a recommended training center that does as well. Preferably a program that is actually trained themselves on these skills. My friends are...
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    5d tactical jig. 4 brand new endmills included!

    I have the original 5d tactical jig with 2 sets of plates. One set for AR-15 and the other DPMS 308. I also have 5 hybrid endmills that cost $45 a piece (4 are new and the other has only done one lower) and 2 sets of drill bits. I spent what I’m asking on the endmills and bits. The .308 kit is...
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    machinists! finishing genesis CNC/ knights compatible lower

    Has anyone finished one of these lowers? I have been waiting on the jig from genesis for 6 months and I've read its half useless anyways. Are there any drawings out there or someone that has an LMT, knights, or centurion that can provide me with an accurate drawing so I can locate the trigger...
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    SOLD WTS Desert Tech SRS 22" .308 $2350

    Beenjammin is good to go. Great guy!
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    This shit has to end!!

    Thanks I’m quite aware of the situation
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    Not sure what happened. Do you think Silencerco will fix it?

    Yeah your good. A friend put my can on my gun (not going to name names here) since he’s on the forum and didn’t tighten the clamp after you thread on the asr mount and I blew my can off my gun. Took a small chunk out of the blast baffle but it works fine. Making sure thecan is very tight on the...
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    Bets on MDR functionality on first range trip?

    Yeah the more I spend, the more I expect. I spend 2k on optics and 3-4k on a rifle because I want match accuracy in a rifle that handle abuse like drops and laying in the dirt. Still fire, maintain accuracy and hold zero with minimal maintenance. I think the MDR falls into this category and...
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    ATACR c588 SOLD

    Got another one just like it?