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  1. beetroot

    Short (ish) barrel 260 powder options

    I have a Tikka T3 in 260rem that wears the factory lite 22.375" barrel, which I run suppressed. The rifle is a nice overall length unsuppressed, but a bit unwieldy with the suppressor on so I'm going to chop the barrel to 18-20", probably go 19". I current use ADI 2209 (H4350) with 140gr...
  2. beetroot

    Just how bad is the Mark 6 M5B2?

    My local buy sell (not US based) has been having a few Mark 6s pop up lately at pretty good prices. I like the specs on the Mark 6, but I've heard mixed (mostly bad) reports on the M5C2 model but when it comes to the B2 I've not heard a single good thing about them. Is it all Internet hearsay...
  3. beetroot

    Need to accept Cookies (Android with Chrome)

    I've started having issues with not being able to post or like messages or see my own PMs on my phone. I get a message saying "Ooops something went wrong" and says that I need to accept Cookies. I've searched through all my settings and am yet to find a setting to accept them and have not had a...
  4. beetroot

    WTB: Tikka CTR/Varmit cheek raiser

    Hi all, I'm after the above cheek riser to add to my T1x. Let me know if you have anything. Thanks
  5. beetroot

    Shout out and recommendation for Talley rings

    I've used Talley lightweight rings for quite a few years now and always found them to be excellent, especially considering there weight. But back when I was a ham fist I managed to stripped a screw that mounted the base to the rifle, I'd always had a spare 1" set of rings so it wasn't an issue...
  6. beetroot

    Tikka CTR 260Rem Magazine length question

    Hi all, Wanting to hear from folk with a Tikka CTR in 260Rem whether they are able to seat long bullets into the lands of the rifling whilst still feeding from the magazine? I understand that the Creedmoor can still fit in the magazine and have the bullet seated out, but I haven't heard whether...
  7. beetroot

    Help with AR15 Sling Attachment

    Hi all, I am a new comer to the world of AR15s having had inherited (sold so cheap it was almost free) and am looking for a way to mount a 2 point sling with my current set up of stock and handguard, I have attached pictures of the stock and handguard as well as a pic of the whole rifle as I...