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  1. gunjunkie45

    A little rant.

    I have just spent the past 4 hours arguing with strange millenials because they don't fucking understand that things are reversed in a mirror. I posted a picture of me with my old beret on Facebook and a bunch of twats tried to jump up that it was on the wrong side. I could not for the life of...
  2. gunjunkie45

    Tag team a lib with me.

  3. gunjunkie45

    Demotivational thought...

    I saw my getting older, starting to droop self while getting out of the shower, and it occured to me that all of my Drill Sergeants are probably around 10 years older than me. I had never considered them as actual, aging human beings before. They'd always been frozen in my head as these...
  4. gunjunkie45

    Marlin's current quality?

    I have a hankering for a 45-70. Just curious what Marlins are like since Remington took them over. Thinking either the new dark series, or more likely the 1895sbl. Anyone have either? Good, bad, ugly? All my current lever guns are older than I am.
  5. gunjunkie45

    Trump is suing CNN for anti-Trump bias.😂
  6. gunjunkie45

    Bushnell no longer needs to blow me.

    Let me preface this by saying I have a few Bushnell products that I really love. I have an HDMR and a LRHS that have been great..... I ordered one of the new match pros for a rimfire I have sitting around. Ordered on the 23rd of September. they charged me on the 24th. 26th they printed a...
  7. gunjunkie45

    Rem 700 sps tac 308 SPF

    Remington 700 sps tactical 308 for sale. 16.5 inch barrel. Bell and Carlson M40 stock and Timney trigger. Round count around 300. Minor scuffs on the thread protector only. Rifle: $641 Stock: $285 Trigger: $164 Total = $1090 $700 shipped. NO TRADES. Payment by USPS money order. Drop to $650
  8. gunjunkie45

    How far is too far of a commute?

    So my wife and I live in a commie city and have been looking to move to the country. We've found a home that's just a freaking dream that we could never afford in our county. The kicker is that it's an hour and fifteen minute drive to work every day. Is this something I can make work or am I...
  9. gunjunkie45

    Good Omens

    Anyone watching "Good Omens" on Prime. It has moments that are close to being up to Douglas Adams standards for British comedy. Worth a watch if you're into that sort of thing.
  10. gunjunkie45

    Paddleton on Netflix

    Made me bawl like a little bitch. Not ashamed to admit it. It's a damned good movie but it's going to get dusty. Have some Kleenex handy for the end.
  11. gunjunkie45

    StealthGear iwb

    Anyone have any experience with StealthGear iwb holsters? Good or bad? Probably going to try a mini for my CZ p-01 omega.
  12. gunjunkie45

    Sig MCX Rattler

    Seriously considering getting one of these for a truck gun. Who has one and what are your thoughts on it?
  13. gunjunkie45

    A "good" veteran's charity?

    What's a good veteran's charity where donations actually go to people who can use it instead of useless douches in an office somewhere? Preferably 501c3. My work is doing a pretty hefty match next month as part of our 125th anniversary.
  14. gunjunkie45

    Mcrees Precision contact info

    Does anyone have a phone number for Mcrees? I bought a G10 for my CTR almost a year ago that will not feed. Mags sit too low and the bolt slides over the top round unless I hold it up while cycling the bolt. I contacted them months ago but my job can keep me away from home for months at a time...
  15. gunjunkie45

    Apparently my first post since 2009

    I've lost my post count every single time there has been reformatting and moves and what the fuck ever. I don't care I'm happy to be back home. Fuck you. Also I've been drinking, if the language offends you, stop being a pussy.
  16. gunjunkie45

    SWFA 1-6 mounting question

    I have an SWFA 1-6 on back order and I am going with the bobro mount. Would I be better served with the slightly forward or the extended mount? I tend to shoot nose to charging handle. Anyone who already has this set up on an AR please chime in.
  17. gunjunkie45

    Lost posts.

    Hmmm. Every post I've made since 9 Apr 2010 seems to have been wiped out by the reboot.... Anyone else have this problem?
  18. gunjunkie45

    Noveske Project Ares

    I ordered a project Ares from Omni Guns a couple weeks back and seeing as it won't come in until at least June, I thought I'd live vicariously through anyone on here who might have one. So, anyone own one? What optic are you running? Overall impressions? Any input would be appreciated.