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  1. GhengisAhn175

    Black Friday deals?

    Any cyber deals for an AW10rd mag?
  2. GhengisAhn175

    Prescription ballistic lenses

    thanks for sharing 1911; talked to someone at Oakley; they can’t do it for the tombstone and the other fits of their frames doesn’t work. Seems like the smith optics are my only choice at the moment without having tried other brands and frames outside what’s Army issue. And they certainly...
  3. GhengisAhn175

    Prescription ballistic lenses

    Thanks German will look into those. im having to rely on prescription lenses more but need them to be ballistic rated. I hate using inserts because they’re really small. one thing I did find was that Oakley does these prescription type stick ons to lenses which I also may consider because it...
  4. GhengisAhn175

    Prescription ballistic lenses

    Yeah, they used to have prescription lenses that was built into the actual lenses themselves but stopped doing that a long time ago
  5. GhengisAhn175

    Prescription ballistic lenses

    Spblade, trying to avoid inserts unless it covers the full length of the glasses. Right now using m frames with inserts and I find myself having to adjust my sight since the prescription inserts I have are very narrow. tact will look at ESS options
  6. GhengisAhn175

    Prescription ballistic lenses

    Anyone know of any prescription ANSI Z 87+ rated eyewear that’s also rimless/frameless like the Oakley tombstone or the smith optics pivlock echos?
  7. GhengisAhn175

    Brack Wilson and Starlight cases

    Brack Wilson runs patriot cases. Google patriot cases and you’ll find his business Good to go
  8. GhengisAhn175

    Shooter lube Anyone have experience with this product?
  9. GhengisAhn175

    And suggestions for a prism optic

    Thanks for the suggestions. Burris is out of the price range Vortex spitfire is nice but I don't want a BDC reticle but as long as it has a donut I think it'll work out fine. Unfamiliar with the primary arms stuff.. not sure if its junk or not.
  10. GhengisAhn175

    And suggestions for a prism optic

    Looking to get a 3-4x fixed prism optic for my mech tech 9mm set up. Looking at the bushnells, vortex, athlons. All around the same price point, wondering if anyone has additionals or comparisons between these @frostyline i talked to an Athlon rep about the Athlon prisms. Leaning towards the...
  11. GhengisAhn175

    260 Rem Brass Issues

    If you happen to have any access to x-ray equipment you could just take a quick scan of all your cases to see if any have signs of case had separation internally
  12. GhengisAhn175

    260 Rem Brass Issues

    Oversizing on hot loads will cost case of separation is easy I think you found your answer If you find your other case like that I would probably either scrap them and start over and chalk it up as a lesson learned or monitor them very carefully And a future you just need to make sure...
  13. GhengisAhn175

    260 Rem Brass Issues

    First A case head separation is a permanent loss of that piece of brass. Period. No coming back to it. Second, are you sure it’s once fired? Case head separation is unusual at once or second fired unless something was seriously hot but you’re not mentioning popped primers, swipes, ejc. Marks...
  14. GhengisAhn175

    Redding seating micrometer question

    Why are you short changing yourself and your livelihood so you can save 100 ish Dollars? Use the right caliber die for the job
  15. GhengisAhn175

    308 Alpha brass - small vs large primer

    Just scored first in my class this past weekend shooting 600 FT-R Used alpha SRP. Had a hot load.. but my alpha brass shot very very well. I just neck turned to skim .001/.0015 off the necks and backed my charge down a hair
  16. GhengisAhn175

    Do I need to neck turn?

    I strongly suggest you neck turn. You want a minimum of 2 thousandths clearance , 3-4 preferred. I can neck turn your cases if you want, PM me if you want to set something up
  17. GhengisAhn175

    Load development and barrel speeding up

    Why not just verify if it’s good if it does speed up? If it worsens for whatever reason just back down the charge. If that doesn’t fix it you probably weren’t in a dialed in node
  18. GhengisAhn175

    Great results with alpha 260 Rem SRP

    Just wanted to share my findings with alpha 260 Remington srp cases. *these were neck turned virgin cases and first firing, copying a known load from my lapua 260 Rem large rifle loads. 10 shot (lapua) Low-2778 High-2810 Avg- 2797 ES- 32 (raw) 19(refined) SD- 9.2 (raw) 6.7 (refined) 1: 2799...
  19. GhengisAhn175

    Alpha small rifle primer

    anyone else have really tight pockets where it’s seating slightly unevenly or cutting parts of the pocket away as you’re putting in a primer?
  20. GhengisAhn175

    Mossberg mvp LC

    Friend just won this off an auction for around 450 so just looking for info. anyone have anything to say about the action itself or if it can drop into 700 style footprints if he wants to change out stock? Is getting aftermarket barrels a pain or any competent smith can spin one up as long...