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  1. Saluki68

    SOLD slot for Battle of Breakneck May 19-21 UPDATED

    Awesome match located in western Nebraska. Work came up, can't get out of it. Registration is $275...will happily take $250. Open to trades. UPDATE: Will take $200 if the shooter is new to Precision Rifle, US Armed Forces Veteran, LEO or Firefighter.
  2. Saluki68

    Standing Prone?

    So I'm sure others have run across this issue, but I can't seem to find any references to solutions on here. The range I belong to is not yet set up for long distance prone. They do however, have some very nice benches built that are pretty deep in length (but just not quite long enough to lay...
  3. Saluki68

    What Not to Do.

    I'm amazed (and occasionally overwhelmed) at all the great info you folks have provided in this forum (particularly the "Sticky's" from Doc76251). My question, as I move forward into reloading is this..."What are the top 'bone headed' mistakes that could be easily avoided if only someone would...
  4. Saluki68

    .22 Tall Target Scope Testing?

    Searched the general forum as well as rimfire forum specifically...couldn't find anything. Has anyone done any scope tracking tests, specifically the Tall Target Test with a .22? Looking for practical (extended) distance recommendations or a general protocol to follow. I'm using a CZ 455...