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    good experience with Mxridr

    he posted a trigger, I bought it. fast shipping, trigger as represented. doesn't get easier than that thanks Mxridr Idahoorion
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    Turn about is fair play, sanctuary gun counties Damn, now if they just would have constitutional carry in those counties we might just take east WA and Or into Idaho. idahoorion
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    FS Orias Chassis, L H Rem 700 SA, with NV bridge and MDT Skeleton stock

    For Sale, Killer Innovations/Mega Arms, Orias chassis for Lefty 700 footprint, with MDT Skeleton Stock, MDT is adjustable for length and cheek rise, also optional Night Vision Bridge for Orias. Chassis is M lok, has added harris mt and Qd swivel location on forearm. The Orias chassis...
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    Hillary and the emails again.....

    so splain it to me...... she posts all the emails on the insecure server, including the "secret" ones......obviously a crime... and the chi-coms hack it. and have it all. yet, little Jeffy (or anybody else) doesn't call her on it and worse. Our vaunted FBI knows all this and clears her...
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    Grizz huntin,

    Going to have a draw for tags here in Idaho and in Wyo. Idaho is only for residents, not sure on Wyo. Finally somebody actually gets to manage the population and educate them that a gunshot is not a dinner bell. Hope its me. Idahoorion
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    devilddog55 is gtg

    he was the seller, smooth transaction, prompt shipping good comunication Idahoorion
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    My best way to a ballistic firing solution

    I need some educated advice for a way to get more consistent first time hits. I shoot for fun banging steel and learning the game and for long range hunting. At my disposal are, a couple of downloaded ballistic programs to my computer for range cards. a chrony for muzzle velocity. a...
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    95 hunting vld vs 95 target vld 6mm

    I have a 243 that loves the hunting 95 grainer, but now I can't find em for the summer chootin season. how similar does the target 95 vld behave, anybody done this ? My gun loves to jump these. also it's a 9.25 twist savage, I do have a bunch of 105 hybrids for a another gun I can...