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    Most underrated equipment

    Since we were talking about overrated, what are some things you find underrated or overlooked? Mandrels and Hydro press. I find using mandrels to control neck tension and hydro press to monitor seating pressure have dropped my ES into single digits almost overnight. While this isn’t anything...
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    It’s time to start putting parallax on the right side.....

    So, it’s generally accepted that for efficiency of motion and such, using your strong side hand is the proper way to dial turrets. You already break your grip to run the bolt so it’s more efficient to use that hand for anything not support related. Your support hand does just that, supports...
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    GAP Production Rifle

    Haven’t seen a thread on here about this yet. This is a deal regardless of shooting production or not.
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    What’s your idea of the perfect Rimfire optic?

    Forget price. That’s a whole other discussion. What would you like to see if you could design the perfect optic for Rimfire? If you want to play along (lots of manufacturers read this forum, so it’s a good way to get the info out there) list: What discipline you shoot (nrl22, .22prs, f class...
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    Good Video

    Not a big TH fan, but this is a good video.
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    AI-AT folder w/small firing pin.

    This is my backup AI. But gotta make some room for a couple new rifles. 2015 year, but lightly used. Have the following barrel options: Proof steel 24” 6.5cm with <200 rnds Redbeard Gunworks 6.5cm barrel w/30rnds Brand new 26” Bartlein .308 Pricing is as follows: AI no barrel: $3200 AI...
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    Used Vorgex Gen 2 Razor 4.5-27 ebr 2 with brand new ARC medium rings

    Open center + tree reticle Used and has some small scuff marks (no scratches)Comes with sunshade, throw lever and still in box ARC rings. I don’t have any other accessories with it or the box. $1750 shipped for all of it (won’t sell rings separate unless optic sells first). Paypal FF preferred
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    Where can I buy this bolt knob or one like it?

    This should be a defiance knob. I prefer this or one like the curtis bolt knob. Any idea where to buy one?
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    WTB Lone Peak Fuzion action

    Anyone have a lone peak Fuzion steel action with .308 bolt they want to sell? PM me with details and price.
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    New PRS barricade skills stage idea

    So, people are running this stage in 40 seconds. Time to change it up. Wont get into the height and such. That’s another discussion. Here’s my suggestion to spice it up and bring in some different skills to test in the skills stage. Round Count: 8 Time limit: unlimited, but timed for...
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    Zco after almost a year

    Thoughts on Zcomp after a year (give or take). So, I’ve owned four ZCO Optics over the course of the past year or so. 2x 527 MPCT2, 1x 527 MPCT1, and a 420 MPCT2. At times I have optic ADD, so I’ve ended up currently owned two 527 MPCT2 optics. The only reason any of the others aren’t here is...
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    The Witcher

    I’m liking it so far. Fairly knowledgeable on Witcher lore and it’s pretty close. It takes an episode or three to realize it’s basically three different character’s storyline and timeline. One time period for one character may not necessarily be the same time period in the others’ story. But...
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    Rise of Skywalker (don’t read if spoilers matter)

    Welp, fuck Disney for this. They have manage to basically make episodes 1-6 mean nothing. This isn’t the skywalker saga. With what they have done now, it’s basically the rise and fall of Sheev Palpatine and the skywalkers happened to be around during that time.
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    How much bearing surface?

    .22br with 85.5 Bergers (pictured) and will also be trying 88eld. Mocking up some dummy rounds for smith to throat for the freebore. How much bearing surface in the neck is ideal? Photo also includes about 30gr varget for reference (yes, I cut the case empty first and then dropped powder).
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    WTB Primal Rights CPS Primer Seater

    PM me with condition and asking price. Or if someone knows a retailer for decent price, that would be awesome as well. Thanks
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    WTB 6gt gay tiger Redding Dies and Alpha brass if anyone changes their mind

    If anyone has ordered and received either Redding dies or any 6gt alpha brass, and you’ve changed your mind or not doing it anymore, I’ll take them off your hands. Thanks
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    WTB Alpha 6 dasher brass

    I know some people are already getting their hands on this here and there. If for some reason you have some you don’t want/need, I’ll take it off your hands. Thanks
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    WTB 6 dasher Redding Competition micrometer seating die

    Looking for part number 55648 Or if someone knows where they are in stock for a reasonable price (all I’ve seen are $160+), please point me in the right direction. Thanks
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    .22 Dasher reamer suggestions

    If there is a thread already, please link. I didn’t find too much via search. Looking for suggestions on no turn neck size and Freebore. Planning on running 88eld and 85.5 berger. .254-.258 somewhere neck and .100fb, or what suggestions does anyone have? Also, how is barrel life on .22br and...
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    Like new Labradar

    Only take out of the box a couple times. I don’t use a chrono much anymore now that I have access to all the range I need for data. So, don’t need this. $500 shipped PayPal friends and family Trades: HK p30 or p30L v1 9mm or .40 Berger 105 hybrids Berger 80vld or 80.5 fullbore (There’s no...