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  1. Roland A.D.

    RCBS Chargemaster 1500 w/Case Lube Pad

    Selling my chargemaster Complete and in great shape one small scuff on the lower selection pad. Comes with everything pictured. $215.00 shipped obo PayPal gift or cover the fees No trades
  2. Roland A.D.

    US Optics MR-10 1.8-10x37 -FFP MIL GAP - RED -$1,050.00 shipped

    MR-10 1.8-10x37 FFP 1/10 Mil adjustments mil GAP reticle. Comes with everything pictured Has a slight rub on the wind knob removable cover, turret is perfect. Glass is flawless, great deal on a awesome optic. $1,050.00 shipped OBO PayPal gift or cover the fees Trades: Quality 14”-16”...
  3. Roland A.D.

    Stiller Tac-30 Is one hell of a Action.

    This thread is a shout out to Stiller for producing one hell of an action!! For anyone looking to purchase a amazing action for long range shooting and may have been wondering how the Stiller Tac-30 stacks up against all the other options. My 6.5x47L was built on a Stiller Tac-30 action; I...
  4. Roland A.D.

    X-ring Accuracy 6.5x47

    Have been doing some load devlopment with my new rifle. Woody from X-ring gave me a good starting point considering the proof firing produced .016 3 shot groups. My 5 shot groups with the load I went with measured .086 at 100 .196 at 200 and .386 at 300 all groups were shot from a bipod and...
  5. Roland A.D.

    Butch's Reloading has Lapua 308 Brass on sale

    saw this a minute ago thought i would share. Lapua .308 brass is on sale at butch's reloading for 65.69 per 100. not bad for new here is the link: Lapua Brass - 308 Winchester, 100 Count, Unprimed - Butch's Reloading
  6. Roland A.D.

    Hello from florida

    I have been dabbling in the long range precision game and wanted to be around people that share my passion for it. Glad to be here