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    Thanks to S&B for scope repair

    I had my 3x27 have debris get lose inside the scope. I called Jerry at S&B and he sent me a return label in about 1 hour and mailed the scope of on Monday the 21st. The received on the 24th did the repairs and set the scope back out to me on the 25th. I could no be happier with the service and...
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    F/S Minotaur Holster Concealed Carry made by Comp-Tac for a Walther PPS M2 $45 SHIPPED

    I have a Minotaur inside the waist band holster for a Walther PPS M2 that I bought but never used. The Cost new was $79.99 asking $ 45 shipped. I don't have original box but it is as new. Thanks
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    375 CT Reloading Dies made by Applied Ballistics at

    Brian at as of 9:23pm Sunday night has 2 sets of 375CT dies left. Just got mine yesterday and they are very well made and for 399.99 the price is well worth it. It took a while to get the dies but this was out of Brian's control as AB had some contract work. Good guy to deal with...
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    For Sale 200 Cutting Edge 375 Cal, 377 Grain Mtac Shipped to your door for $340

    I have 200 375/377 Cutting Edge Match/Tactical bullets for sale. They run $89.24 on their web site this is $356.96 plus shipping. I am asking $340 and i will pay the shipping to your door. You will save about $40. Payment is by USPS M.O. Thanks for looking
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    Sold Please Remove

    Sold Please Remove
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    Sold please remove

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    AI-AE Murphy Precision 15 moa Scope Base For Sale $75 shipped to your door.

    I used this base for about a year but still looks like new. The AI-AE comes with a Zero MOA base so this 15 MOA is a direct replacement and fit is excellent. The base is custom made by Murphy Precision and cost $125 plus shipping new. I am asking $75 and will ship USPS Priority Mail to your...
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    Really Right Stuff 1 Piece Scope Mount

    Will the RRS scope mount fit the S&B 5x25??? I look like its very long and I would like to know if there are any fitment issues. I am looking a getting one for my S&B. Thanks for the feedback
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    Fursniper Good to go

    He is good to go. Item shipped and were as advertised. Would buy from again!
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    Whidden 6mm Creedmoor Non bushing Full length micrometer seating 2 die set $130 Shipped

    I have a Whidden 6mm Creedmoor 2 die set. This is the non-bushing full length 2 die set with micrometer seating die and has had little use. Comes in original box with the extra expander ball, extra seating stem and what they call the shoulder bump gauge. All the extra part are still in original...
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    FGMM 190 SMK, Need some help

    I just need the C.O.A.L for a factory FGMM 190 SMK for a 300 WIN MAG. Trying to help out a new shooter at a local range. He is retired and can't afford FGMM 190 SMK ammo right now. I have some 190 SMK bullets so I wanted to load some up for him to shoot but I dont have the C.O.A.L for a factory...