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    Blueprinted 700 (LRI) vs Defiance Tenacity/Deviant

    That remark strikes me as being somewhat disparaging. Are you implying the folks at Defiance are lying about the specifications on their actions? Damn dude, there goes your credibility.
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    Where do you keep your stamps?

    ^^^ That's exactly what I do.
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    FS: Custom Ultralite Kevin Weaver 6.5-06 with Ammo, Brass, Dies & more

    FWIW, Kevin Weaver has done a couple of rifles for me. He is one top notch smith and he stands behind his work. He is also one heck of a nice gut.
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    Custom actions and dirt

    I used to shoot tons of p-dogs with my AIAT and AI rifles work when caked in dust and dirt. My elk and coyote rifles are both built on Bighorn actions and they handle dust, dirt, and mud very well. I would bet post number 6 is also spot on.
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    7 mag or 28 Nosler

    I have hunted with a 7mm Rem Mag and a 7mmSTW. Never saw the need for the added horse power of the 7 STW so I sold it and stayed with the 7 mm Rem Mag. Unless you are shooting the 180's at long range, the 7 Rem is enough gun. I also use and like my .284 Win on a long action. A .208 AI would be...
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    Accuracy International AXMC Not for sale at this time.

    Why is this still here? That's a great price. BTT
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    Where to find a left hand Bighorn TL3?

    Northland Shooter's Supply
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    My daughters first buck (and it’s a big one)

    That's a darn nice deer. Should be yummy.
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    Recommend a Knife Sharpening Kit

    I have been using the professional model Edge Pro for years. The kit I use runs $570.00. I suppose I could just sprinkle a touch of Fairy Dust on the back of an old leather belt and get the same results.
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    Bighorn SR3-LE with AICS Magazines?

    I have a SPR barreled action in 300 Win. Mag. on a Bighorn SR3 long action with the Wyatt's extended cut. Do any of you know if the action will work with AICS magazines in a chassis? Yeah, I know I can call Bighorn on Monday, but I am looking at a killer Black Friday deal on a chassis and there...
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    FS/FT: Bighorn LA - Manners project

    That would make a killer .284 Win or .284 Shehane hunting build. I am so close to caving in...
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    S&W 637 .38sp revolver

    Crap missed it by 8 minutes. I'll take it if deal falls through.
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    6.5x47 for elk?

    I have been blessed with having killed 30-40 elk (probably more but who's counting)? Most years I'll shoot a bull and two cows. With that in mind, I spoke with one of the game wardens who promoted hunting deer and antelope with a .22 caliber centerfire cartridge. Several years after the change...
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    Best Low Light Hunting Scope

    Are you talking 30 minutes before day light or 30 minutes before official sunrise? Your Swaro should be bright and crisp at 30 minutes before sunrise.
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    How much for just the action?
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    Hunting Ethics... How many shots does it take you?

    I have shot 40+ elk and I have lost two. Both went down like a wet sack of crap, then got back up and ran off into the steep and deep. Pisses me off to this day. I was walking up on one of them that I thought was stone cold dead with no rifle in my hands. Dumb, dumb, and dumb. Deer and antelope...
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    I have a VP9, Sig 320, and a PPQ. Buy the one you like the best. All three are quality firearms. I don't know shit about the FN. As noted above, the Sig 320 will give you a lot of versatility if you want to play the modularity game.
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    2019 Smoke pole 210" Mule deer

    He's going to make a beautiful mount. Damn nice deer.
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    S&W mdl 19-4

    Make that two instances. They replaced the barrel on my 19-2.