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  1. blbennett1288

    Calling all AI ASR owners

    Looking for an Accuracy International ASR owner in the Mississippi / Alabama / Georgia / Florida / Tennessee area who would be willing to let me check out their ASR kit. I am located in the Birmingham Alabama area and wouldn’t mind driving a couple hours to check one out. Please PM or text...
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  3. blbennett1288


    Interested in trading my AI AX SA for an AXMC with mag adapter, SFP bolt, and 6.5CM barrel. Preferably in Dark Earth or Sage Green. I’d also be interested in a PSR or ASR with cash on my end, obviously. PM with offers. ‘17 AIAX in Sage Green (Purchased as range demo in April from EuroOptic)...
  4. blbennett1288

    WTB Accuracy International AXMC SFP Bolt Assembly Complete, .308 Bolt Face

    WTB Accuracy International AXMC SFP Bolt Assembly Complete, .308 Bolt Face Preferably Black or Dark Earth, but ill take what I can get. PM w/ price.
  5. blbennett1288

    WTS Area419 .30 cal Hellfire for $105 shipped w/o adapter

    Looking to sell Area419 .30 cal Hellfire without adapter for $105 shipped CONUS. PayPal F&F or MO. Only used for less than 50 rounds and decided to go back to suppressed.
  6. blbennett1288

    SPF Eberlestock HiSpeed II $165 shipped

    SPF Looking to sell an Eberlestock x41 HiSpeed II in Dry Earth for $165 shipped CONUS. PayPal F&F or MO. Save on shipping and tax for a like new unit. Only Blems are seen in the 3rd photo. Partial Trades: AW/AX Mags SAP 2 round holder Rite in Rain Positional Bags Suppressor covers for Ultra 7...
  7. blbennett1288


    Delete, decided to keep after picking up a handheld LSF I want to sell my Meopta Meostar B 15x56 HD’s with tall outdoorsman mount and euro stud. It is used but in excellent condition. I am only selling to streamline gear. $1300 shipped CONUS. MO or PayPal F&F. Buyer will receive the lifetime...
  8. blbennett1288

    Good long rifle range GA/TN/NC?

    I am going to be spending a week in Murphy North Carolina and was wondering if there are any good long distance ranges around there that I could take the father in law to? Something preferably with 700yards plus. I’d be willing to drive about 2hrs.
  9. blbennett1288

    SOLD Vortex Razor HD 4000 Laser Rangefinder $425

    SOLD Vortex Razor HD 4000 laser range finder for $425 shipped CONUS PayPal F&F or MO. I purchased this in May from SportOptics. Glass is in immaculate condition. The outer rubber eyepiece part is slightly deformed from storing the rangefinder in its case with an ARCA rail on the bottom. The...
  10. blbennett1288

    WTS Sam Burns right hand AI AT thumb rest $30

    WTS Sam Burns AI AT Right Hand thumb rest. This is the version before Anarchy Outdoors started selling them. $30 shipped CONUS. PayPal F&F or MO.
  11. blbennett1288


    As the title states I want to buy a TBAC Ultra 7 6.5mm on Form 3. or 100% TBAC certificate PM me with what you have and price.
  12. blbennett1288

    WTB 100% off Proof Carbon Fiber Barrel Cert

    As the title states I want to buy a 100% off a Proof Carbon Fiber Barrel Cert. PM me offers.
  13. blbennett1288

    TBAC Ultra 5 or 7

    I have a 50% off TBAC cert that I want to use and can’t really decide between the Ultra 5 or 7. I have read the two other threads comparing them, but I want advice for my specific situation. I always shoot wearing Howard Light Impact Sport’s, doesn’t matter if it is suppressed or unsuppressed...
  14. blbennett1288

    blbennett1288 feedback and review archive

    Feedback: blbennett1288 is great to deal with blbennett1288 is gtg blbennett1288 is good to go BLBENNETT1288 is g2g blbennett1288 is G2G Reviews: Tangent Theta TT525P CCA GEN2XR review Minox ZP5 5-25x56 MR4 - Initial Impressions - "Pleasantly Satisfied" ARC Shouldered BarLoc review
  15. blbennett1288

    Long Range 338 is good to go

    @Long Range 338 is good to go. Sold a scope to him and he paid on time/when he said he would. Good communication in handling the transaction.
  16. blbennett1288

    TangoSierra916 is good to go

    @TangoSierra916 is good to go. Purchased a scope from him on Monday and received it on Thursday. Item was as described. Transaction was super fast and smooth. Great communication.
  17. blbennett1288

    SOLD 200 rounds of 168gr FGMM

    SOLD 200 rounds from the same lot of 168gr FGMM. $170 shipped CONUS. Paypal F&F or MO. If not PayPal F&F you pay the fees. First “I’ll take it” gets it followed by PM.
  18. blbennett1288

    Traded Area419 Hellfire Adapter 3/4-24

    Traded Area419 Hellfire 3/4-24 adapter for a Area419 Hellfire 5/8-24 adapter. It was used briefly and has some handling marks. Will sell for xx shipped CONUS. PayPal F&F or MO.
  19. blbennett1288

    SOLD Bushnell Elite 1 Mile ConX $275 shipped

    SOLD Bushnell Elite ConX for $275 shipped CONUS to your door. Unit is in like new condition. I no longer have the original box. Unit will ship with case, manual, and lanyard. Farthest I have tested it is 1000yards, off hand, with heavy mirage on a 10" circle. Successfully range under these...
  20. blbennett1288

    SOLD Tangent Theta 525P Gen2XR CCA $3200

    8/11 SOLD Interested in trading or selling my Tangent Theta 525P Gen2XR with Click Count Assist Turrets. Link to review here The Click Count Assist is Tangent Theta’s version of S&B’s MTC. There was a limited run of CCA scopes in 2017. I couldn’t get exact numbers from ATI, but they are...