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    2020 Hunting Thread - Post your Pictures

    New Year new thread! I wish you all calm winds, quiet steps, warm feet, and big game in 2020.
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    What to Do With Gamey Venison

    So I just got my opening weekend buck back from the butcher and good God, it is the gamiest deer I have ever tasted. You can smell it when you open the packs of frozen backstrap. Ive heard of letting the meat rest in powdered milk to mitigate gamey taste, but never had to try it myself. How well...
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    Springfield Armory M1A

    Posted for sale, a Springfield Armory M1A Standard Issue Model in 308 Win. Less than 200 rounds shot total. Comes with 1 10 round commie compliant magazine, the manual, and the soft case. It will be a great base for your EBR build, or your Vietnam Era reproduction project. Please let me know if...
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    Danger Close, Virginia Politics Alert

    I beg the moderator's indulgence on breaking the norm against political discussion. The Loudoun County VA Board of Supervisors is having a meeting tonight at 5 p.m. at 1 East Harris Street to amend the Firearms ordinance for discharging a firearm from 100 yards from a structure to a HALF A...
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    The Best Gunbroker Auction

    Take a look for your self. Please note, it is categorized as a class III item, which is how I found it while browsing Gunbroker.
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    Hog hunting in VA, NC, and SC

    Two friends and I are looking to plan a hog hunting trip as a guys weekend. We are all expierenced hunters. Can anyone recommend a good outfitter in VA, NC, or SC? Alternately, if there is a farmer or land owner who has a hog problem, we will happily negotiate with you for a weekend of hunting...
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    ELR Shot Planning Safety

    I am rather excited to have found a location to make a 1300 and change yard shot in western central Virginia using 308s and 7mm 08s. My question pertains to how much space behind the target is required to be considered "Safe". Behind the planned target zone, through a grove of trees, and on the...
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    Small Bore F Class Match in VA

    Fairfax Rod and Gun Club is hosting a regional small bore match over Labor Day Weekend. If they get 5 shooters they will make an F Class Division. I'm going to shoot it. Can we get four more?
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    First Time Going for Virginia Coyotes. Tips? Tricks?

    My friend and I are going for Virginia coyotes in the next few weeks. I have hunted upland game and ducks before, and he has been hunting deer a couple of times. Do you all have any wisdom on taking eastern coyotes that you would be so kind as to share with me? I have done a bit of research and...
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    Rimfire Ammo Questions

    I am new to the rimfire game. I normally shoot F Class, and am used to loading my ammo with long range precision in mind. Given my lack of income at the moment, high end rimfire ammo is out of the budget. I have been getting good 1/2 MOA groups out of Federal American Eagle at 50 yards in my CZ...
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    Well Now This is Interesting: Electronic Warfare Comming to a Cell Tower Near You.

    Mysterious fake cellphone towers found across US- MSN Money In summary, a private company has discovered fake cell towers scattered across America that are actively suppressing cell service and intercepting calls and texts. Regardless of who is gleaning data from the towers, the real question...
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    A good man with a gun.

    Just got the news that a doc in a hospital dropped an active shooter with his personal firearm. Only one death as of right now and the perp was arrested, in critical condition last I heard. Great shooting doc, you can add many more lives saved to your tally. Pennsylvania hospital: Wounded...
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    Damn it damn it damn it so close.

    I was on my way home, about to purchase a new gun off of gunbroker and the check engine light comes on..... I swing by my mechanic to have him check it and he says "transmission solenoid seems to be malfunctioning." I haven't had my car for three months yet. Damn it all, new gun's going to have...
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    CZ 455 Switch Barrel Questions

    From what I can gather, the CZ 455 is supposed to be capable of switching barrels between 22 LR, 17 HMR, 17 HM2 and 22 WMR. Does the action and magazine well have enough space in the 22 model to accommodate the longer 17 HMR and 22 WMR? If so, how does this effect feeding, as to the best of my...
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    Mirage Reduction

    I just pulled the trigger on a YHM Phantom. While I wait the year or so for it to clear, I was turning over in my head some ways to reduce mirage in my scope coming off of the can after firing. I have seen the jackets for suppressors, but why not wrap it in $12 exhaust pipe wrapping from...
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    Career Questions: I Just Got Selected To Test For Bureau of Diplomatic Security SA

    Last fall I submitted an application for a Bureau of Diplomatic Security Special Agent post. I just heard back from them today, and the recruiter asked me to come in and test in two months. My question is, primarily, are there any B.D.S. guys on here who can offer advice for the hiring process...
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    ELR Caliber Selection: 338 LM, 338 RUM, 375 RUM, 338 Fed, 338 Win?

    I am about to embark on a new build. I want to push past my 308's effective range and get out to a mile or more on steel and paper. As such, do you all have any opinion as to what caliber I should pick? I am currently considering a host of 338 cal cartridges, as well as the 375 RUM. Would one...
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    Loss of Accuracy with Folding Stock?

    A question for you gents. I am about to embark on my first E.L.R. rifle build. I have decided on the ACIS 2.0 chassis for my Remington 700 in 338 LM. Have any of you noticed a decrease in accuracy or repeatability in the folding stock compared to the fixed stock? Logic would stand that because...
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    Getting into Machining and a Desk Top Lathe

    I have been interested in getting into machining for a while now, and the idea of being able to fabricate my own parts and eventually projectiles seems appealing. I have two questions, first, how hard is it to pick up some basic machining skills? Secondly, can anycone recomend a good quality...
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    Heritage Arms MOAB Scope Base Expierence?

    Does anyone have any experience with this scope base. I came across it entirely by accident, found a PDF writeup on it, and then the website. The concept seems cool at first glance, but as with any moving part, repeatability may an issue. I can't find any reviews for it, so if you have any first...