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  1. GhengisAhn175

    Prescription ballistic lenses

    Anyone know of any prescription ANSI Z 87+ rated eyewear that’s also rimless/frameless like the Oakley tombstone or the smith optics pivlock echos?
  2. GhengisAhn175

    Shooter lube Anyone have experience with this product?
  3. GhengisAhn175

    And suggestions for a prism optic

    Looking to get a 3-4x fixed prism optic for my mech tech 9mm set up. Looking at the bushnells, vortex, athlons. All around the same price point, wondering if anyone has additionals or comparisons between these @frostyline i talked to an Athlon rep about the Athlon prisms. Leaning towards the...
  4. GhengisAhn175

    Great results with alpha 260 Rem SRP

    Just wanted to share my findings with alpha 260 Remington srp cases. *these were neck turned virgin cases and first firing, copying a known load from my lapua 260 Rem large rifle loads. 10 shot (lapua) Low-2778 High-2810 Avg- 2797 ES- 32 (raw) 19(refined) SD- 9.2 (raw) 6.7 (refined) 1: 2799...
  5. GhengisAhn175

    Alpha small rifle primer

    anyone else have really tight pockets where it’s seating slightly unevenly or cutting parts of the pocket away as you’re putting in a primer?
  6. GhengisAhn175

    Mossberg mvp LC

    Friend just won this off an auction for around 450 so just looking for info. anyone have anything to say about the action itself or if it can drop into 700 style footprints if he wants to change out stock? Is getting aftermarket barrels a pain or any competent smith can spin one up as long...
  7. GhengisAhn175

    Sights for an FNX 45

    guys limited on pistol sight knowledge and googles not helping much. i have a voice vortex viper on my FNX 45 that I had milled out out and now looking to add suppressor height sights. Im not looking for tritium sights; normal irons or fiber optics would suffice and be cheaper. Dawson...
  8. GhengisAhn175

    Modern outfitters MC7 anyone famikiar with the MC7?
  9. GhengisAhn175

    Modern outfitters MR1 anyone familiar with this company and bolt rifle?
  10. GhengisAhn175

    Shits about to get real...

    shits gonna get real @ fort Campbell tomorrow
  11. GhengisAhn175

    Getting more into F CLASS

    been shooting some local f class matches now with my PRS gun. Been doing better and better .. heres my latest results. Day was pretty windy
  12. GhengisAhn175

    Vintage .22LR pistol?

    Anyone know anything about this pistol?
  13. GhengisAhn175

    Frankford arsenal hand seat primer

    Just got it in. Nice looking and feeling kit so far. More to follow if anyone's interested. Like how it comes with a full shell holder kit
  14. GhengisAhn175

    How primer pocket tightening works

    Decided to bring this topic back up since I've gotten PM's about it from mentioning it before. Primer pocket tightening tool. Some hate it, Some love it. I happen to love it. I got the nub(S) made from Henry remple. Well known Canadian machinist and fellow shooter. (More info here...
  15. GhengisAhn175

    ocw test

    Wanted to try something today. Already got my results but wanted to test hide members on the reloading section with the recent OCW madness. Attached is my target. Left column is A-D Right column is E-F Won't post any additional info, read the target and let's see what people think. please...
  16. GhengisAhn175

    Neck turning finally done

    Well, it was inevitable. finally had to do it so churned out 305 pieces of 260 Remington.
  17. GhengisAhn175

    guys with alpha brass with lapua/other brands

    Need a favor from some of ya'll that have alpha brass. Would like neck thickness and/or loaded round measurements comparing what you had before and with alpha. Ideally need a comparison between alpha and lapua (how much thicker , equal or thinner) at the neck than lapua is and also if you have...
  18. GhengisAhn175

    Any matches near Albuquerque, NM?

    want to know if any matches are gonna be in the area in the month of may
  19. GhengisAhn175

    'Tis but a scratch
  20. GhengisAhn175

    Viper vise on receiver hitch

    westex91 on the scout hide posted about fabricating a reliever hitch to accept s viper barrel vise. anyone know him or got one I'm interested