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  1. m1marty

    WTS/WTT FN Scar Mk20 clone with kit

    Mk20 Navy Clone. 160rds fired. I spent a fair amount of time tracking down all the correct parts and pieces to do a Seal Team Mk20 clone (to include stickers and a legit ST10 issued deployment case) Rifle has shot FGMM 168, Federal Mk316 and PMC 168s sub moa at 100 and 200m. The 316 can sneak...
  2. m1marty

    WTB Remington 700 SA 6 digit

    Needing a 6 digit, .473 BF (22-250, 243, 6mm, 308 etc) for an M40a1 project. Action or complete rifle is fine. Prefer BDL. Shoot me a PM if you have something that fits my needs. Thanks!
  3. m1marty

    WTS DD brake, Colt mag, rings etc

    -Daniel Defense 30 cal brake. 5/8×24, extended version. These work really well for me. NiP $55 -Aimpoint QRP mount with spacer. One of the long spacer bolts is missing, easily found (Aimpoint will usually send them free) Really good shape $45 -Early Colt 30rd (1967-1969) with the emerald green...
  4. m1marty

    WTS Rare Kimber Ultra Carry

    Shortly after moving their facilities to Yonkers, Kimber introduced the Ultra Carry line. Made only in late 99/00, these pistols are pre "Series II" or what some people call "Series I" pistols. Very few of these were made before the transition to the Series II line of Ultra Carry. I bought this...
  5. m1marty

    M24/Mk13 Remington MARS 0 MOA *Price Drop*

    New in package. One shows more small scuffs/thinning of finish (rub marks from rattling around in the parts bin) than the other but it's superficial. Accessories packets unopened and both mounts are new/never mounted. These are getting tough to find and certainly haven't been getting any...
  6. m1marty

    SOLD WTS S&W 386PD Sc/Ti 7shot .357

    Putting up for sale an incredibly tough to find S&W 386PD .357 7 shot. L frame, Scandium frame, Titanium wheel/bolt. Sub 20oz unloaded (18.5 I think) One of the best "packing" wheelies made. Produced from 2001-05, they weren't made in huge numbers and are tough to find on the secondary market. I...
  7. m1marty

    WTB: ADM Delta 30mm FDE

    Like the title says, looking for an American Defense Delta 30mm QD mount in FDE. Prefer the 0 MOA. Shoot me a PM if you have one.
  8. m1marty

    *Found what I need* NF NXS 3.5-15X50 Milspec

    Looking for a 3.5-15 Milspec model (Army or Navy, not picky). I missed the one here last week. Anyone want to part with one, shoot me a PM. Will look at a Milspec 5.5-22 NXS as well. Thanks Aaron
  9. m1marty

    *SPF* SureFire SFMB-762 Socom brake

    Used for 25rds. 5/8-24 thread, 1 or 2 minor marks from install/removal. No shims, just what you see. 105 shipped. Looking for a Harris 6-9 notched/swivel SBRM Or towards an ADM 30mm Socom mount
  10. m1marty

    WTS/WTT 1944 Remington Rand 1911a1

    Because I make poor life choices and blow my budget on death trap race cars- I've reluctantly decided to post my Remington up for sale or partial trade. I need optics for my FN Scar 20 so looking for a NF 3.5-15, NF 5.5-22, Leupold Mk6 3-18 or Leupold Mk4 M5a2 6.5-20 (XM2010 optic). Now about...
  11. m1marty

    Old ART/MPC scope

    Snagged this the other day. Sure don't see too many of these around anymore. Early serial # range, everything works. Someone was quite the artist.... As the story goes, it saw .mil use early in its life. Have no documentation supporting that, I bought it purely on a whim.
  12. m1marty

    WTT/WTB 118LR and mk316

    Need one box of each for display. Can buy outright or trade 118SB and 852 as needed.
  13. m1marty

    *SPF* Leupold Mk4 4.5-14x50 M1 TMR

    Got this in a trade package and don't see myself using it anytime soon. 2016 production, has some minor wear on turret edges and a small scuff on the bottom of the bell from the PO. Glass is clear. Rings are Mk4s as well. $775 shipped/insured. Not really looking for trades but possible.
  14. m1marty

    New M24

    Snagged this recently after years of being on the back burner. M3a, Ultra rings/1pc base, Dakota bottom metal. Both sets of irons, flash hider, laser/flash/polarizing filters, cases, pouches etc etc. Need to get a logbook and find my mildot master but, other than that .....its pretty much...
  15. m1marty

    New Van Orden "Sniper"

    Just picked this up today. Van Orden built "Sniper" Winchester M70. Shipped to the US Army Rifle Team on 19-Jun-1955 (in Chandlers DFA vol.1). USMC marked Lyman STS 12x shipped 27-Apr-1967 validated by the individual who has all the Lyman records from the late Gil Parsons.
  16. m1marty

    M40a3 Dot drills

    Been a while since I've done any of these so decided to run a few today. 100m, 7rds, Federal 168gr GM. 1min30sec time limit. Eventually I'd like to be 60sec or less. For me, it's a great drill to focus on body position and running the bolt clean. Stick is a TBA built a3 with an S&B 3x12
  17. m1marty

    M40 build

    I recently picked up a Remington SPS that was partially bedded into a Gunville stock. It included a Badger repro mount and the Leupold m40 scope. It shot fairly well at roughly .75 moa/5 with FGMM 168s at 100m. I decided to have it reworked a bit and here's the result. -Receiver trued, bolt...
  18. m1marty

    New Manners Tikka mini chassis

    Has anyone gotten their hands on one yet? If so- thoughts? I bought a Tac A1 in 6.5cm earlier this year wanting to try a chassis system out. After 200rds, I'm not sure it's for me. Nothing at all wrong quality wise, just can't seem to get comfortable behind it. In hindsight, a CTR likely would...
  19. m1marty

    New M40

    Snagged this today. SPS barreled action bedded into a substantially reworked Gunville M40 stock. Steel Remington buttplate, Wichita swivels, Turner NM sling. Optic is the Leupold M40 custom shop 3x9 sitting in a Badger repro mount. Eventual plans are a Douglas tube and, if I can find one, a 6...
  20. m1marty

    Bolt holster

    For the times when the bolt needs to be out (transport, some ranges, cleaning etc) I was always looking for a solution outside of just using a rolled up rag. Buddy of mine makes kit for his team members so he and I banged around a few ideas and this is the resulting prototype. Pretty happy with...