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    NIB 5700 AB Link tan 675 shipped

    New kestrel for sale. Lost my original 5700 and ordered a new one. Found my original and never used this one. It's never had a battery installed. $675 shipped lower 48. Thanks I would sell my original for 600 and keep the new one....
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    What’s your big bore caliber of choice? 💥

    This setup is pretty good. I have dewalt 90 degree ratchet hooked to the adjusting wheel that i can reach easily.
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    What’s your big bore caliber of choice? 💥

    416 Garrett is giving very promising results
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    WTB TL3 Right hand left eject

    Getting ready to order another right hand left eject TL3. Checking around for a low round count used one before I do. Aics medium or heavy tang Thanks
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    FFS multi target question

    I skimmed through, I'll put the unit in my hands tonight and try that. I'm running a 1050 mainly unteathered on some known distance ranges. Thanks!!!
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    FFS multi target question

    I'm new to the system. Say I want to put multiple targets in a group fired from a single firing point. Like a prs scenario. How do I enter and sort them. I'm struggling with this part. Thanks!
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    Desert Tech 6.5x47 Barrel

    No it's not. Thanks
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    TT diamond RT 700 straight shoe. 220 Shipped

    Pm me if interested. Thanks
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    Desert Tech 6.5x47 Barrel

    Will sell barrel without barrel extension for 200.