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    Bell brass any good?

    I have 100 pieces of once fired bell brass for 338 lapua, is it worth using or should I just stick with Lapua brass?
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    6mmBR loads

    I have a used Savage with a shilen barrel in 6mmBR. I have a question: I have some Lapua brass the neck wall thickness is .013 if you add .013+.243+.013= .269 when I measure a fired brass it measures .270 is there some springback in the brass or is this neck to tight?
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    DPMS barrel in Armalite AR10

    Can you put a DPMS LR308 barrel in an Armalite AR10 upper? If so which bolt and carrier do you use?
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    GAP 338 lapua/ Beger 300's

    Anyone try them Berger 300's in your GAP built 338 Lapua? I just ordered some bullets from Sinclair so I am looking for some load data?
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    Semi-auto 338 lapua

    I find a semi-auto 338 lapua intriguing, I was looking at RND or the bad news. Does anyone own one of these? I am curious as to what kind of accuracy you are getting with it? Thanks Shaun
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    16" 300wsm

    Has anyone tried a 300wsm in 16" barrel length? If so what kind of velocities were you getting out of it? I was hoping it would get similar velocities to a full length 308. I think it would make a nice compact tactical rifle. Thanks
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    Speer 168's

    I know most people here use SMK, Berger or Lapua bullets but I found a good deal on Speer 168's anyone have any load data for them in 308? Are they worth even using? thanks Shaun
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    To crimp or not to crimp?

    I am sure this has been covered before but my question is pertaining to Semi-autos, Crimp or no with bullets without a cannelure? I know that in 308 FGGM and BHA match they are are not crimped and they seem to fun fine through my ar-10.
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    Velocity - Semi vs bolt

    I was curious how much velocity do you lose in a semi-auto vs a bolt using the same load?
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    208 amax

    I just received some 208 AMAX's anyone shot these in their 300wsm GAP's?
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    80 gr Sierra's

    Speaking in terms of 223 is anyone having luck shooting the 80gr sierra's out of a 1-9 twist barrel? If so any load data?
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    210 Bergers

    I just picked up some 210 Bergers for my 300wm. I thought that I read somewhere that they perform best seated into the lands is this true? Thanks